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Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by akafabio, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. akafabio

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    :)Hi Guys,

    Over the past few months my 8yr old QH has been flicking his head, almost like their is something tickling his nose. Its a quick flick and sometimes snorting. This happens when ridden, and lunged with just a head collar on (no saddle or bridle). I have had his saddle fitted a few weeks back and his teeth done aswell to try get to the problem, and nothing was unsual with his mouth. I have also changed his feed to a more bland feed to see if that works, he is also sound.

    Hes now had nearly 3 months off and i want to get him back into work to get to a few shows before the end of the season.

    Would like to hear what other peoples experiences are before taking him to the vet..

    Thanks :)
  2. eventingchild

    eventingchild Well-known Member

    it sounds like he has Head Shaking Syndrome.

    all I can say is patience patience patience! Sometimes a net over their nose can help the situation. I always found mine to be worse in the spring time when all the flowers are coming out.
  3. akafabio

    akafabio New Member

    Hi Eventingchild,

    Thanks for your response, i have done a little bit of research on head shaking syndrome and thats what he seems to have.

    He only seems to do it when being worked, ill get a fly mask on him and see if anything changes.

    Does this mean they are 'ruined' so to speak? i am really hoping its only a seasonal thing. Seems to be alot of variables of the syndrome, im just hoping hes not in any pain.

    Did you take your horse to the vet to get diagnosed? and what did they do to find he had the syndrome? and what do you to to minimise the head shaking?

    Thanks again :)
  4. LPFE

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    Good Luck with your horse.

    My horse has head shaking syndrome from mid spring to mid summer every year since he was 5yo, he was diagnosed by Murdoch Vets 8 years ago and I have tried absolutely everything (Steroids, Cortisone, Antihistamines, Turrets Medication, Equiwinner patches, Guardian Mask, nose net, change of properties ect you name it he has had it!)

    He is not ruined/ buggered or retired, he does extremely well in all disciplines and simply requires time off over spring/summer, it is heart breaking watching him shake tho.

    I would love to find a cure, but unfortunately at this stage there isn't one.

    I was sent a link by another lady whose horse has HSS, calm healthy horses. I am currently speaking with Murdoch at the moment regarding this and am going to give it a go this season. Its a no grass and pellet diet, back to basic feeds and add minerals. Will let you know how I go :)

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