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  1. Horse Luva

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    Hey everybody!!!

    I have recently got a vet check for the horse I am trialing.
    He is 13 the horse and has a bit of stiffness in his legs but the vet said it may be because of the fact he hasn't been ridden for quite a while-or-that it's because his ageing. Personally I don't think his old at all but he thinks he won't grow with me. But I think his a gr8 horse for me coz his sooo calm and I hav not much confidence now because of an accident I had on mi old pony where I tore mi liver and broke mi nose. So he said I have to try get him fit in about a month! Any ideas of some good ways?


  2. Sassy

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    do you have any boggy sand in your area? we used to ride our horses at a steady trot through boggy sand and they get fit really quick, it is hard work for them though so dont over do it, or even riding along the beach if there is one nearby.
  3. Kasia

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    A 13yo horse is not ageing!
    If he hasn't been ridden in a while, he may be stiff. But the fact that it's in his legs is a concern. Did the vet tell you where in his legs? Because that's very important. Is there any soreness?
    Also, it's not really for the vet to 'think' whether the horse will grow with you or not. It's not really a very good question to be asking the vet. It's something youwork out with the owners, going on the education level of the horse and his future 'potential'. Which you should have some kind of an idea of.
    I would not work this horse in deep sand. The worst thing you could do is get a horse that's been out of work, and is stiff, and put him through that type of strenous exersise. Yes, i see it as strenuous. Working horses in deep sand for long periods of time, or very often is actually not that great for them. And the horse has to already be somewhat fit to handle this kind of work.
    A month is no time to get a totally unfit horse fit. The vet should have known that. Unless he meant just to get him reasonbly fit to see if the stiffness would go away.
    In which case, i would start with lunging. No side reins or any of that crap. Just VERY big circles in walk and trot for a few days, and no more than 10 mins. Your first lunge should be about 5mins.
    In my opinion, on such a sore horse, you should leave about a week and a half (or more) until your first ride. Many won't agree with me here, but when you have a horse that hasn't had weight on his back for a long period of time, you have to get them to start using their muscles to move and balance themselves, before asking they do it with you on their back.
    As this horse is stiff, i would monitor him very closely for any soreness and/or heat.
    Your first ride should be a walk, and maybe a few strides of trot, and nothing else.
    NO SMALL CIRCLES. And don't ask for anything on the bit!
    If he is going well, you can GRADUALLY increase the amount of time you ride him, and increase the amount of trot. All done rising. Keep up the lunging. Just to keep things moving. Start asking for flexion, and have a canter on the lunge.
    Again, a month is no time to get a horse fit. You will not be riding him on the bit, in a frame, light in your hands, jumping a metre, and cantering 15m circles.
    At best, you can hope for large trot circles, and canter on the straight. I wouldn't push him any more, due to the stiffness in his legs. It might be nothing, but it might be masking another problem.
    Please, don't take any shortcuts in getting him fit, as you'll do more harm than good.
    Sorry this took so long.
  4. widgelli

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    Another good thing for a horse that is stiff and sore is a bit of swimming. Again , dont overdo it , but as this takes the weight out of exercise it is good to do a little of it each day. A horse can get quite bit fitter in a short time.
    Swimming is also quite hard on a horse so dont overdo it.
    13 is far from old and if you look at the ages on the horses that are used in the Olympics you will see that there are rarely any competing that are under the age of 10.

  5. Arnie

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    I used to do alot of swimming with Arnie and it really helps...it keeps their tendons cool, gives them a little work out but doesn't really puff them. Some horses are a speedy when it comes to swimming! I used to ride Arnie right through the middle of the dams (extremely deap) and he'd just fly...but even just walking horses through water helps...


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  6. Royalte

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    I was going to suggest swimming like Arnie did. I have heard it works wonders.

  7. Horse Luva

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    THANKYOu soooo much every1 and I'm going to prove tat his a capable YOUNG horse.

  8. Royalte

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    Thats the spirit!!!!! Good luck


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