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  1. Tam

    Tam Well-known Member

    Do any of you have a plan in place in case of fire? I saw a big burn off in the pine plantation which had me a little worried today and i wondered what to do if the fire came too close to the horses. What would you do?
  2. Nikiwink

    Nikiwink Well-known Member

    We have fire plan at home sort of.
    we back on the the national forrest so if a fire came thru we'd probably go. CALM hasn't burnt the bush off for about 12 years so if it goes it will go. our back paddocks are cleared and connected to sprinklers cause of this. Also CALM hasn't done the firebreaks out there and complaining falls on deaf ears so we do it ourselves.

    We also have a small water cart for spot fires
    do all the fire breaks etc.
    In case of fire the cattle, alpacas and horses will get moved into the yard paddock which is clear of bush and in summer is totally bare.

    Three fires last year missed us but got our neighbours twice (lightening)- once when all our cows were agisted there!! i got the call from our neighbours and flogged my car the two km (by road, 600 m thru the back fence) to their place with the water cart attached and the feed bucket full of carrots. The cows came running when they saw my (and the bucket) and followed me back to our neighbours back border near us where it was safe.

    the next time their place was hit - one of their prize stud cows aborted and another two got burnt.

    :) Nikiwink :)
  3. Sassy

    Sassy Gold Member

    We have firebreaks done. In summer our property almost turns into a giant gravel patch, you probably couldn't burn it if you tried!! but we have insured majority of the horses for fire.
    I think if we were to have a fire here i would just open all the gates and let them fend for themselves, just round them all up later.
  4. Val Perkins

    Val Perkins New Member

    During the fire season we make sure we hose down where we dump the stable straw - as it did catch fire one day, we also have access to a water hoses near the hay shed.

    We have a big plastic tank and water pump on the back of the ute & wet hessian sacks and filled water buckets spread around the place.

    Our neighbours are also included to check for any spot fires in the area, if a fire is spotted it is identified in what area, then the closest person to it is contacted.

    Before the fire season starts we get rid of much undergrowth around the plantations as we can, keep the grass mowed short and keep it as green as we can around the shed areas..
  5. Kateena

    Kateena Active Member

    We always have a fire cart filled and ready to go during summer - neighbours seem to be always having fires (we don't touch wood), but we tend not to worry about livestock as we should have the fire out or controlled before they are endangered. We also have firebreaks, but I've seen too many fires jump them to have a lot of confidence in them, always better to have a backup plan and hope not to need to rely on the firebreaks..
  6. crave

    crave Well-known Member

    We have a strategic fire break down one side of our peoperty and we maintain firebreaks all around our boundry fences. Luckily 2 properties up from ours is a volunteer fireman with the fire truck. We also have water available on the property with tanks full at all times and lots of hoses!


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