FINE! I will make our own Stbred x thread then!

Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by Heifer, Feb 15, 2010.

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  1. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member

    Continue discussion: :}
  2. horseychic

    horseychic Well-known Member

    Yes i am for standie crosses. Only have i am all for a gelding policy.:)*
  3. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member

    I so AGREE!!! The only advantage is price.
  4. Pepsea

    Pepsea Gold Member

    lol did you stamp your foot when you said 'fine' heif

    yes i bred my own, i love him, i know hes not perfect, yes i was ignorant when i bred him, NO there is no market for them, but that doesent bother me cos im not selling!!.... :p
  5. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member

    Pepsea you so know i did hehehe :)

    and i agree that you get alot of enjoyment out of Jayke - im not saying we should shoot all crossbreds! Just that we should not be encouraging it. I get alot of enjoyment out of my purebred standardbred too :)
  6. MyShadowfax

    MyShadowfax Well-known Member

    Another yes for crosses - I don't see the issue.
  7. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member

    Should have put in the original question "foal" rather than horse, as more ppl would consider buying one if it had education...
  8. Pepsea

    Pepsea Gold Member

    there are a lot of them that should not have been bred i agree heif!!
    and there it no market for them, if people want a market for them, buy one that has already been bred and train it and prove it! im not saying in part bred stb clases i mean prove it agianst everyother breed
  9. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member

    AMEN TO THAT!!!! :))
    But the problem with that is that it is harder work to train a horse than it is to breed one!
  10. Pepsea

    Pepsea Gold Member

    yes i agree, if a horse was competing at novice/med etc, then it should be worth it's education!

    a quite pony club all rounder who can take it's rider through the grades, should be worth it's education/temperment etc

    a eventer the same!

    but a unproven foal, out of a somewhat 'unproven' cross.... than thats what it's worth!

    a lot of purebred stbs have sold for more than some part breds!!
  11. Court Eagle

    Court Eagle Well-known Member

    There are some fine looking and talented standies out there, that often get mistaken for other unbranded breeds:)*
  12. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    For me NO I wouldn't not consider purchasing or breeding from a standy more OR using a standy stallion over another breed mare.
  13. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member

    RB - are there? What are they doing? I challenge someone to do higher level dressage than i did with mine - its a real challege, i'd love it if someone can acheive it!!!
  14. Freestyle

    Freestyle Well-known Member

    Sorry guys but I'm not a fan of partbred standys, but if one had the size, movement, conformation and temperatment I was looking for, I'd certainly buy it.

    A great horse is a great horse no matter what breed or colour.
  15. Mater

    Mater Well-known Member

    I don't think anyone is saying that all sbs or st-crosses are bad, because we all know there are some lovely ones out there. The issue is that do we need to cross breed with a sb, just because they are cheap and plentiful?
    Really, can anyone truthfully say that they would spend alot of money (say over $5k) on a standardbred mare to cross with another breed of horse? If the cross is so wonderful why aren't people rushing out to cross with sb stallions? I'm not having a go, I am genuinely curious.
    Is it because they are wonderful or just because they are cheap.

    Just because a horse happens to be a mare, doesn't mean they need to be used for breeding. I often wish it was as easy to sterilise mares as it is for colts. Most people only choose the best colts to keep as stallions for breeding, but mares don't go through the same quality testing somehow.
  16. alex

    alex Well-known Member

    For myself personally, I wouldn't even think about buying or breeding any type of STB (pure or x). There is absolutely NO market for them, and there are other breeds that are PROVEN in my discipline, so why would I waste my time educating one when a) I will have trouble reselling and b) there's no gaurantee that it will be remotely good at what I intend to use it for.
    I'm so over people telling me that the STB (or any variation of) is the next 'sporthorse'. Sure, there may be that odd one out of a thousand that actually ends up being successful in open company, but why take the chance when you could have a WB sporthorse that has a much greater success rate?
    And, I don't want to deal with the negative attention that comes with owning a STB.
    JMO don't attack me for it!
  17. Pepsea

    Pepsea Gold Member

    i dont blame you, it sux very annoying haha
  18. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    I so agree with this!!!
    When my filly was born just about every tom dick and harry asked me if I was going to keep her for breeding and put to King.
    1. she may not be breeding quality, I will assess that when the time comes.
    2. if she's breeding quality my stallion might not compliment her as nice as an outside stallion may.
    3. I didn't jump up and down excited that I bred a filly knowing I could breed from later on like some places do......

    As lovely it is to put your own stock over your own stock I can't expect every filly I breed thats not related to my stallion to be suitable to go to my stallion! And just because she has a uterus doesn't make her breeding quality. Like I said, I'll reassess that later.

    So yup, all my mares and fillies go through the same as any colt / stallion.

    And this of course (to keep on topic) reflects in my decision not to breed to a standy mare or stallion.
  19. pso

    pso Gold Member

    Remind me- what level did you get up to?

    I would certainly consider a partbred, if it offered what I was looking for...;)

    I know of a purebred that I'd steal in an instant if it was a 4yo...**)
  20. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member

    Cabmaster - the stbred has one big advantage - price. That is why i got one! It was free, it had a nice temperment, it was sound - yep ill take him! The fact that i competed at all on him was by mistake. And i wouldnt do it again unless i didnt have money fro a horse. yes they CAN do it, and if you want a cheap horse and have the time/committment to put into it they make a great PC level horse! But i dont see advantage of spending the money to breed one when they are freely available!

    I didnt get any negative attention (except maybe a few whispers at dressage comps, meh) - most people congratulated me, praised him, and were very interested and nice!

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