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  1. Hygain

    Hygain New Member

    To all stockies who had queried the free bags I am pleased to advise that these are now being distributed around the W.A stores indeed I have a heap of them weighing down my car boot in my Bunbury Motel as I type.

    Apologies for the delay (the whole process nationwide was a significant logistical challenge) but 80% of bags should be in the stores by next week.

    In addition the actual purchase stock is also now available and should be retailing for around $27 with each 2nd bag at HALF PRICE for a limited time. There is limited stock at that offer so it will be up to your stores to get in early.

    Apologies if I have breached some rule about promoting products on the forum but I did note alot of comments from people not hearing about their bag so thought this would be a good way to get the info out.
  2. Murray

    Murray Well-known Member Staff Member

    Thank you for the update Hygain and as a 'paid advertiser' you can promote your product across all forums.**) Therefore, no apology necessary.:)

  3. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    got a phone call about my free bag this morning. Very pleased to try it and got lots of information from the lady on the phone. Sounds like it could be very useful for my horses.
  4. sprintman

    sprintman Active Member

    Top stuff. Wish it had been available a long time ago.
  5. Secret85

    Secret85 Well-known Member

    My stockfeeder still hasn't received their stock, and doesn't know anything about free bags coming in for people.... :(
    Hopefully this week! :)
  6. celestialdancer

    celestialdancer Gold Member

    My ponies are happily eating theirs :)

    My weanling hasn't been eating hard feeds but I offered him the fibressentials with weaner pellets and chaff and he licked the bowl clean. Nothing else has changed so he either had a day when he was super hungry, or something in that feed bowl is new and super yummy ;)
  7. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    yes my thoroughbred is happily enjoying his mixed with copra and minerals and the lucerne that I am reducing. Haven't tried it on the others yet.
  8. Hygain

    Hygain New Member

    Evening Secret 85. Which stockfeed? I will check it out tomorrow.
  9. Secret85

    Secret85 Well-known Member

    Hi Hygain, Thanks, it's Northam Chaff and Fodder in Maddington. :)
  10. Hygain

    Hygain New Member

    OK. You are the missing link! Our marketing department had a store down simply as Maddington so we hadnt yet declared the correct name to the distributor. Will get it sorted today. The distributor is in Maddington itself so you will certainly have it this week.:))
  11. Maddog 29

    Maddog 29 Well-known Member

    Did those that won a free bag get notified?
  12. Secret85

    Secret85 Well-known Member

    Excellent, thank you! I definitely typed in Northam Chaff and Fodder, so I wonder what went wrong? Oh well, I'll have it this week! :)
  13. Hygain

    Hygain New Member

    Maddog. Those who won the free bag are being notified as we receive notification that product has been despatched. Another 11 stores in W.A were sent their stock yesterday and today but with around 65 people to contact the marketing girls may take a while advising everyone. The stores themselves have been given a list of the bag recipients as well.
    The stores where the product has now been supplied are:
    Begonia, Bullsbrook, Budget, Brigadoon, Glaschaff, Oakford, Bakers Hill, Gnangara, Gidgee Convenience, Pinjarra Traders and Wanneroo.:)))
  14. Maddog 29

    Maddog 29 Well-known Member

    Thanks hopefully still hope for me then, my supplier is BioJohn
  15. Zegger

    Zegger Well-known Member

    Got notified today :D
  16. chick_with_a_chainsaw

    chick_with_a_chainsaw Gold Member

    Awesome I got one as well I am going to pick it up tomorrow.

    Thanks Hygain
  17. Coda Cowgirl

    Coda Cowgirl Well-known Member

    yep thanks Hygain got the call yesterday! yay!!
  18. Marianne

    Marianne Gold Member

    I got one too... yeay. I never win anything so I am stoked.**)
  19. Cheeki

    Cheeki Gold Member

    I got the call yesterday, and picked mine up today. Thank you, Hygain :) Looking forward to trying this product!

    Same here, Marianne - I never win anything, I was over the moon! :)
  20. SexyRitzy

    SexyRitzy Well-known Member

    Thank you Hygain for the free bags **):rockon:

    So sharing the bag with people at my agistment.

    I did try it both wet and dry... dry was better then soaked but he still walked away from his dinner. :unsure:

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