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    ***25KG $28.90***

    What is Riversafe Paddock Reviver Fertiliser?

    Riversafe Paddock Reviver fertiliser is similar to spreading compost. ?

    Like compost Riversafe Paddock Reviver fertiliser adds organic matter to the soil, helping to improve the soils structure, texture, and increases the soils moisture holding capacity. The organic matter in will assist in less water runoff & erosion problems?. Unlike compost Riversafe Paddock Reviver fertiliser granules will provide a significant source of nitrogen & other plant nutrients as well as water storing capabilities with the addition of spongelight.

    Riversafe Paddock Reviver?s high organic matter content and balanced analysis of essential nutrients and trace elements make it a cost-effective tool to improve soil health in both professional and domestic applications.

    Riversafe Paddock Reviver?s particle size ensures the product is able to be quickly incorporated into the soil profile, and is also ideal to improve soil structure and plant health in horticultural applications such as garden beds, potted plants, tree planting and in soil mixes.

    Riversafe Paddock Reviver will promote strong, healthy growth in all types of plants as well being kind to the environment

    Riversafe Paddock Reviver - Mandurah Stock Feeds
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    Now's the time to get some fertilizer out with warm weather and some rain around**)

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