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    JAFEICA Active Member

    Hi everyone I am interested in finding out what you all feed your show horses to gain that amazing coat. I am happy with the feed he is already on (Hygain Tru Care and Balance) as I have had consultation with the rep and he is in excellent condition.

    I am hoping to get him out next season as a show hunter. Previously on my eventers I have used livamol and sunflower seeds to help with their coat, any advice would be greatly appreciated...

    This is him about 2 weeks ago...


    His winter coat is just about all gone now and he is slightly lighter, I'll take a picture of him today.

  2. Caroline

    Caroline Well-known Member

    Good coat conditioning feed options include canola meal, full fat soyabean (FFS), black sunnies, copra, or vegie oil.

    There are also commercial coat supplements like Livamol, Groom, Hygain Gleam, KER Bio-Bloom and Oralx CacoLiv paste.

    Generally a good shiny coat comes from within! So good balanced feeding and horse management is essential. :)*
  3. Remaani

    Remaani Guest

    This boy (pictured as a yearling) was unrugged all summer & this pic was March.
    Only hay in the morn that'll last most of the day, hardfeed at night of Lucerne Chaff, Studmaster, Rosehips & ACV.
    Nothing for coat condition & no coat sprays.


    JAFEICA Active Member

    This is him today

  5. Hygain

    Hygain New Member

    Looking good JAFFEICA.

    How much of each feed are you down to? Particularly impressed with the clear blue sky given my visit to Perth last week!!:))

    JAFEICA Active Member

    Thanks HYGAIN. I have cut him down to what you told me, 1kg of Tru Care and 500g of Balance. Was looking at him today thinking he was a bit fat, oops!
  7. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    we will be in the same class I think Jafeica :)

    No pellets here either:)*
    Taken Tuesday (not the greatest quality photo, but you get the idea;) ), prep not started for show yet. He is on oats, flakey barley, oaten chaff and oaten hay with vitafit on show:)

  8. PetaBizz

    PetaBizz Well-known Member

    Ohhh Elanda.. lil bit porky there :lol:
  9. Karen Jet

    Karen Jet New Member

    I feed Prydes Easiprep Concentrate and Copra with chaff and biomare.**)
  10. Thatest

    Thatest New Member

    Have a large show hunter hack on boiled barley, boiled linseed, a little bran, sunflower seeds, chaff and a lucerne/grass hay mix. He is stabled/in a yard so no real pasture but he does well of this (put weight on since coming off the track).
  11. dun

    dun Active Member

    Pretty simple at our place

    Lupins from the silo so they are measured then soaked. No more than 1Kg a day of Lupins per horse depending on which horse of course.. Lucerne chaff as a mixer and Vit/Min supp. Oaten hay roll adlib. **)

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