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Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by equinetamer, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. equinetamer

    equinetamer New Member

    Horse currently gets lucerne, pony cubes, chaff
    When hes in my care, im continuing his feed as well as adding 24/7 access to a hay roll.

    Where can i get the above for cheaper prices? I have looked up on here and found farmers direct is the best way to go, but cant get any contacts. I am in Perth but can travel.

    Also, Do you think this mix is a good choice? if anyone has some good links or can give a quick run down of what different types of feed provide to your horse (eg: barley, lupins, chaff, lucerne, oats, livamol, linseed oil, canola, chai seeds,pumkin, peanut oil, sunflower seeds, museli, copra, rice bran, oils, weetbix? So many...) that would be really helpful.

    From what I can gather barley is for protein, lupins are for protein and energy, chaff is for roughage, lucerne is a type of chaff, and pony cubes are kind of general maintenance?

    He is underweight, no muscle, 15.3 hh QH/TB. He will be in light work so Ican build up his fitness gradually. Theres basically no grass available. I think I need to feed vitamins and supps, so maybe a khonke mix? As well as providing a salt lick for minerals and thought this would replace what he lost due to sweating.. I would like to bring his colour out so have been advised to feed lupins. Also, molasses - at my old riding school after a ride they let their horse drink for about thirty seconds from a bucket of molasses. However ive never seen anyone else use it. Do people put it in their feed ? When is the right time or situation to use it?

    I also know any changes must be made gradually :)*
  2. ClubIgnite

    ClubIgnite Well-known Member

    You are somewhat correct however barley is more for energy than protein. Lupins are protein and are what you want to build muscle on him, to keep it really simple I would just feed the following if he has access to a hay roll 24/7:

    1kg lucerne chaff
    1kg lupins(flaked)
    1kg pony cubes

    Twice daily-with vit/mn supplement added once.
    Until you are happy with his weight then he can be fed once daily.
  3. myyky

    myyky Well-known Member

    Unless your horse drinks very little I wouldn't offer mollasses. It can make for picky drinkers. Mollasses I use when travelling, to disguise the taste of foreign water if they won't drink it. Not at home regularly.

    I like the Advanced Feeds - Advantage as an all round vitamin, it is made for WA and is cheap.

    If you want to bring out coat I would feed a form of oil, they are fattening and also make a lovely shiny coat. You don't have to feed much, no more than 250mL per day is recommended. This can be in the form of canola/rice bran/sunflower oil (canola is cheapest).

    I know this hasn't been mentioned in these posts but just to add ANOTHER feed into the mix, I have found rice bran to be a very good weight gain feed. No need to buy the expensive true gain for effects, my very underweight TB gained stacks of weight when I put him on Nutririce Versatile (basically pony cubes that have a rice bran base instead of a normal bran base) but there is also coprice rice bran pellets. If you did decide to feed these it would be instead of the PC. But its all personal choice.

    Lupins are awesome in moderation.. my TB did well when I lower his lupin intake and upped his pellet intake, the protein in the lupins ended up too much for him and he actually LOST weight trying to process it. Up to 1kg per day would be good.

    And if your horse is on a hay roll, scrap the chaff other than lucerne. It's basically just buying more hay!
  4. InkibahD

    InkibahD Well-known Member

    In response to original poster, if your trying to cut costs shop around for your lucerne...... in my local area you can pay $32 or $24 depending on where u get it from that's a big saving per bag. I also know of someone who buys in bulk and gets it for $20/bag. also try and buy hay in bulk I have found that its actually cheaper to feed small squares and feed horses twice a day then get a roundbale, works out cheaper and a lot less wastage. Once again try and pick up a bulk load of hay u get it a lot cheaper

    I got a question.... I think I know the answer but see what u guys say:
    which is better for making a horse fat? not looking for other suggestions just like to know peoples opinions of these: Flaked barley or Flaked Lupins?
    which is more heating? ie which one would give a horse more energy?

    and in another question which is cheaper?
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  5. ClubIgnite

    ClubIgnite Well-known Member

    In short:
    Barley is cheaper
    Barley can cause 'heat' due to passing through undigested and fermenting in hindgut
    Lupins would be more digestible and so provide more energy than flaked barley.
    Option: use micronised or extruded barley although more expensive is 60% more digestible.
  6. equinetamer

    equinetamer New Member

    What could I use instead of lupins?
  7. SueC

    SueC New Member

    Canola meal gives you a lot of bang for your buck when trying to put condition on horses, and it gives them a wonderfully shiny coat. The protein content is very good, and there's a fair amount of (good) fat left over from milling the seeds. The amino acid profile is more complete than in lupins too. I have two ancient horses, 29 and 32, who benefit greatly from this stuff, and are getting 1L canola each daily now the pasture is dry, along with barley/oats and oaten and lucerne chaff plus mineral supplements - and my riding horse, who is a good doer, still gets a cupful of canola in his feed every day because I like how it glosses up his coat. That's my feeding on a budget.

    Canola seems to outperform most other basic things for how much condition it puts on a horse with relatively small quantities in the feed - and my old horses are on a comparatively high amount, you wouldn't want to give much more than that.

    Now if only I could be sure the stuff was nonGM, but that's not so easy as there's no compulsory labelling.

    Down here (far south) I don't have to feed hay because the growing season is so long and there is always a bit of green clover and kikuyu lurking underneath the dry remains of annual grasses, so that helps the budget too.
  8. SueC

    SueC New Member

  9. equinetamer

    equinetamer New Member

    He looks great! Thanks for the advice :)*
  10. andowin

    andowin New Member

    We feed our horse this diet all need to gain weight

    Three or four scoops of chaff: West coast chaff $20 oaten
    one Scoop Weet Bixs : Budget stockfeed are the cheapest
    Sun flower 1 cup : Budget stockfeed
    garlic teaspoon: Budget or Oakford
    salt: Budget or oakfords
    Canola meal 1 cup: Budgets or Oakford
    Rose hip teaspoon: Oakford $26 for 1kg
    Pony pallets : Budget stockfeed cheapest

    We where feeding copra but now that they are all at a get weight and are keeping it on we have cut that out. They are also one 100 acres too. i swear by weet bix and love them they have done wonders with our horses and would never change from using them.

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