Feeding a Tricky Mare

Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by savvy, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. savvy

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    Need suggestions for a very off mare. 12 to tb , Poor coat, lacklustre oily greasy, scouring, very spooky flighty, goiter, often gets abscesses in front hooves very poor hoof quality, brittle and weak . Lacking muscle, weight etc. Not in any work in full time paddock access, very grassy but have not had any soil etc assessments done. 10 other horses in same property with no feed in fat condition nice coats, nice hooves etc.

    Was previously being fed 2 kg bio mare, 250gm sunflower oil, kilo of chaff as mix, constant access to mineral block, two biscuits of hay. Nothing changed. Weight constantly fluctuates. Nerds teeth being done. Up to date with parasite control. Any suggestions that I could get a vet to check for ?
  2. CTCT

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    Goitre? Really? Cos that would suggest iodine deficiency but that's very rare unles she's been grazing goitrogens (brassicas - kale, canola). Sure it's not a melanoma? I'd be getting the vet to check the lump very closely.
  3. Caroline

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    Get the mare vet checked asap!!
  4. Indigo King

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    As well as getting her vet checked!

    From my experiences the point below are what I have found best for the issues you have listes.

    Try feeding her Hoof Food, its a supplement to improve the health of the horses feet and it works great! Eventually once she has been on it consistently for a decent time frame and her feet have improved you will no longer have to feed it unless they flare up and get worse again due to environment factors etc etc. We have had amazing results using this!!!!!

    Pegasus Equibalance or Hygain Balanced are great feeds to feed anxious, flighty, unsettled type horses, add to roughage to have a balanced diet, it also provides all vitamins, mineral etc etc so you dont have to feed another vitamin additive to their feeds.

    Hygain Tru Gain is a good feed to add for weight gain.

    Konkhes energy gold oil is great for horses coats and conditioning.

    Horse Honey is GREAT for scouring horses, a lady I know had a pony that just would not stop scouring no matter what she tried, she started feeding Horse Honey and yoghurt I think and this has had the best outcome so far.

    Hope all these points help in your research as to what to do to help your mare!

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