Favourite breed ?

Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by wildwelsh, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. luckyboy22

    luckyboy22 Well-known Member

    @Silverbuck Good choice!! Mine is too!! Mostly because my EX-friend, has one, and does ANYTHING You want!!;) They are the sweetest horses in the world!! I just looove stock horses!!

    Thoroughbred is my second fav!! Cuz they can jump fabulously, and they like to run!! I loove to gallop!!;) Arabian would be my third!!

    Cuz, I loove to do endurance!! I could ride a horse for days, and I'd love to camp with them, like make a fire and cook sausages while they eat hay and carrots next to you!!

    XD!! I can dream alright!;)
  2. fishiz3434

    fishiz3434 Active Member

    I couldn't choose between Standy's, mini x shet, or Anglo's. My old horse was anglo and amazing to ride and full of heart but so is my standy who is also a bit bolder. Then there is my daughters kind and docile mini x shet who I wouldn't trade for any horse is the whole world, he's just so good to her.
  3. kyles76

    kyles76 Active Member

    Holsteiners :)

  4. ILoveClydesdales

    ILoveClydesdales Well-known Member

    Thanks KPH!! Very nice, lovely refined head. Looks like the best of both breeds to me.
  5. South Boulder Boy

    South Boulder Boy Well-known Member

    I have to say the thoroughbred is my favourite hands down. I don't intend to ever own any other breed.
  6. Nikiwink

    Nikiwink Well-known Member

    For me its more a type - i love the old english style of heavy hunters :)

    I've always been a warmblood fan - mostly holsteiners (again that heavier type) and i've always loved the welsh d's too - but too small for me.

    So hence why i ended up with a clydy x mare :) hunter type when clipped out and like an overgrown welsh d when not :)


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  7. PPH

    PPH Guest

    Agree with you there Nikiwink.

    I love the old style of Quarter Horse, versatile, built like the proverbial brick outhouse and made to work all day.

    Love my boys trustwothiness and temperment.
  8. raindear

    raindear Well-known Member

    and little (fat) Welsh B's!
    and hopefully I will ad Trakehners to that list next year!
  9. Shannon

    Shannon Well-known Member

    My Favourite is the STB, i love being able to feel safe on my horse always.
    She can jump

    She can do stock work

    She can win ribbons

    She is safe

    But she does challenges me

    And she lets me love her

    Plus im a bit bias but i think she is goregous!

    My next few faveourites are
    the Welsh D,
    a Warmblood or a cleverland cross
    An Andy or fresian
    A QH
    A clydie x tb or something sporty for an everter which i hope one day to have
  10. Floggadog

    Floggadog Guest

    I've always had a thing for Morgans. Heavier set types preferably.
    One day... :)
  11. sherridin

    sherridin Well-known Member

    For me it's the thoroughbred! Although I have only ridden WB, appys, QH and a couple of Arabs! I would love a Fresian x or a trakhener !

    The tb in my opinion is often misunderstood and lacking in confidence. They thrive on strict routine and need to know their place. Our old 26 year old tb who has never seen a race track needs routine and gets quite upset if we're running behind on schedule!

    They are deemed silly, dangerous, hot and stupid but in my opinion they are intelligent, quick thinkers and you need to learn to harness it. I find many lack confidence and they try oh so hard to understand. They are a little precious and sensitive but when you become their person they'll suppress all instinct for you. They are most certainly a product of their environment and owners. They can be unforgiving and they never forget the rights and the wrongs.

    They are noble, elegant and with the right owner/rider will fight hard. To me there is nothing more beautiful than a tb in full flight in the paddock, the track out in the bush. The way they know where their feet are and the way they stretch out gives me tingles.

    I love my appys but my TB's win me hands down. My TB Collins seems quite impartial to me, not a real cuddlier or lover but I can do anything with him, he trusts me and mostly only me. I know by the way he watches me, 'talks' to me and his behavior that he respects me and tries so hard.

    I have a lot of respect, admiration and love for the TB. Every single one I've dealt with.
  12. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    Ponies ...of all shapes and sizes. Especially chunky ones:)* If I win lotto I would get myself a nice coloured Show Cob:)
  13. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road Well-known Member

    You know it is funny that you say that, and I had never thought about it, but I swapped my two horses yards the other day, as my TB paces her fence terribly so I moved her to try and change things up, and she did stop pacing, but she was really depressed, I could see it in her eye, she was sad. And even after I moved her back the very next day, it took her a couple of days to get the spark back in her eye!
  14. wildwelsh

    wildwelsh Active Member

    Elanda I with you!!!! as I have already stated I lOVE PONIES!!! I ADORE how they think and are ALWAYS up for a cuddle,as soon as my lot hear my voice or the kids they neigh and canter up to the gate for a cuddle no matter what they were doing or how far down the paddock they were, that makes me feel sooooo loved!!! I very rarely have to "catch"them with a headcollar they walk with me even out of the paddock and go were i go although yes they do get distracted by new green sweet grass on the odd occasion!!!!...
    I must add too that I also love all types of the medium/heavy hunter types such as CB's percheron, etc... and yes Fresian's are gob smackingly gorgeous and drool worthy!!! lol!!!!...what you ride in heaven I say!!;);)

    Shannon thanks for your post and pics what a great way to show your lovely girl!!! looks like you have a great relationship!!
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  15. Marianne

    Marianne Gold Member

    The Waler.
  16. shyloh

    shyloh Well-known Member

    number one favorites welsh D and C's :D
    then gypsy cobs
    to tell the truth anything that looks like a horses smells like a horse feels like a horse i love :)
    cheers shyloh :} :)
  17. manocaaron

    manocaaron Well-known Member

    I love nearly all of them....

    As a child we owned Highland, Dales, New Forrest Ponies and all are beautiful-Our Dales was like a small fresian and just divine, our Highlands were just the best alrounders!
    Then as a teenager I had Connemara, Arabian, Shetland and Standard Bred. The Arabian won hands down :)
    As an adult Ive had Arabians, Standard bred, Minature, Shetland, Welsh A, Quarter Horse and a TB and again I loved all of them dearly....but the Arabian still steels my heart.
    I did breed a mare to a Fresian years ago (Lykle B of all Fresians :) ) but sadly we didnt get a foal and I wasnt in a position to re breed the mare until later and sadly Lykle had passed away by the time I was ready again.

    There are one or two that Im not keen on but to be honest all breeds tempt me, especially the heavy wooly ones. Id love to own a Brabant!! :D And an Andalucian too :D
  18. QHRyder

    QHRyder New Member

    Nothing beats a Waler or a QH. However, I seem to have an affinity with the heavys, Clydies, Shires, percheron's.....I dont know why but we seem to "get" each other, Any ideas on that one folks? If so, Id be interested to hear your thoughts.
  19. fuddles

    fuddles Well-known Member

    my favourite breed is a mutt

    one that has a dash of pony for colour a dash of station bred as that was what was available and a good dose of TB

    which makes it a ?


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