Favourite breed ?

Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by wildwelsh, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Picup436

    Picup436 Active Member

    Well he aint no ballerina, that's for sure *#)
  2. nklpark

    nklpark Well-known Member

    no surprize my favorite is a QH

    my first love and first horse was QHxTB by Gold Money Bars :D
  3. Nattyh

    Nattyh Guest


    Hush your mouth! :p
  4. Remaani

    Remaani Guest

    Hairy yes, clumpy? I don't think so. ;)

    Me riding the beautiful stallion, Frits. He certainly didn't feel "clumpy" at all. :)
    I don't think ANY other breed will be as magnificent to ride (& that say's alot considering i like refined/elegant hot ponies LOL)



  5. Pinkie_Pie

    Pinkie_Pie Well-known Member

    I have a soft spot for the standies :) And a certain fuzzy shetty x welsh :p

    I think saddlebreds are stunning horses, I'm in love with your boy Sil! Just stunning. I am determined to own one, one day!

    Remaani, I remember driving past Frits and being blown away by how amazing he looks :p
  6. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    Kit is definitely not clumpy. That is the great thing about so many breeds and types, there is a horse for every rider :)

    Oh, and I love all the hair :p
  7. KPF

    KPF Well-known Member

    just wanted to say, beautiful picture:))
  8. Leti loves Elmo

    Leti loves Elmo Well-known Member

    I love my standies. I have upgraded my competetion horse to a tb to go further but everything I know and all the fun I have ever had with a horse is thanks to standardbreds. They were my first horse and they are my career. Love the tough, low maintance, loyal, placid temp of a stb :) :)*

    Sorrel are you trying to scare people away with your new picture? haha
  9. Sorrel

    Sorrel Well-known Member

    KPF - PLEASE put up a photo of your drool worthy Purebred Fresian Omer under saddle.

    Fav breeds -

    Welsh A and Welsh D Cob

    Standardbreds - always soft spot for a hard working low maintenance tough as nails underdog breed

    Purebred Arabs/Anglo/Arabian WB - beauty

    Shire horses - colour and size

    TBs - elegance in the official hack ring winning HOTY/Newcomers, eventing etc - and people are right if you can't ride one or pay others to ride in the shows - you can't ride them *#)

    TB type


    Heavy breed type

  10. nannygoat

    nannygoat Gold Member

    Yes please KPF - Omer is the absolute ipitomy of quality Friesian nothing else here comes close!!

    There are so many breeds that I love, I cannot say I have a standout favourite.

    I just love a beautiful horse.
  11. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    Yeah that's about it actually. Love a stock horse but a good horse has no breed nor colour it's just a good horse.
  12. foxleigh stud

    foxleigh stud Active Member

    surely there are some more WB lovers in here? People sometimes question there rideability but here is my then 3 year old stallion at his second show winning champion stallion and his rider was relaxed enough and confident of his wonderful temprament to ride him with one hand waving at the crowd - they really are such wonderful horses

  13. KPH

    KPH Active Member

    Here are pics of my riding pony cross TB for you :)


  14. KPF

    KPF Well-known Member

    shucks! Thank you for all your support of Omer, he is quietly chipping away with his training in the background, progressing wonderfully. Just recently he completed his first Official Medium test for a first place with 67.3% and his first time with a double bridle. Very proud watching him climb and climb the ladder of progression.

    This a picture from his Medium debut.

    PS - not clumpy at all haha!
  15. foxleigh stud

    foxleigh stud Active Member

    he looks awesome KPF - what a wonderful boy!,,
  16. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    He is just beautiful KPF, love what he is putting on the ground for you too :)

    Foxleigh, just love your boy even more every time I see him under saddle. You should be so very proud of him! I do LOVE a flash WB too.

    I also love a nice Thoroughbred and Welsh A's, oh do I think those little guys are adorable.

    You sum it up well Nannygoat, a good horse is a good horse regardless of breed :)
  17. Sorrel

    Sorrel Well-known Member

    Sorry L just saw this, very good at your livelihood with your partner too :)

    My baby doberman Apollo how can she be scary lol

  18. Omega Conquest

    Omega Conquest Well-known Member

    Holsteiners :)

    and a certain Paint x TB... :)
  19. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Friesians aren't clumpy! Their expressive! :D
  20. 5 Horses

    5 Horses New Member

    Fell ponies!!!! My babies have converted me hook, line and sinker.

    Also love warmbloods, gypsy cobs, Irish draughts and highlands. Heck I like a lot :D

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