Favourite breed ?

Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by wildwelsh, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Nattyh

    Nattyh Guest

    Funny, Sportsman, but I totally get it.
    I have 2 warmbloods and a tb - and I wouldn't swap any of them for anything in the world - but by goodness those Friesians are AWESOME! They are god's own horse I reckon ;)
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  2. Sportsmans Image

    Sportsmans Image Active Member

    I only have one horsey aspiration and thats to ride a fresian to justice. ive got a very long road to that though:)

    and if that doesnt happen, well at least i would have had the pleasure of sharing time with a beautiful creature such as zack because thats all that matters, ever.
  3. Nattyh

    Nattyh Guest

    You know Sportsman, I think that's why I don't see myself ever owning one - because how could I possibly do justice to such a magnificent creature!
    Best to admire them from a distance (for me ;))
  4. katelol

    katelol Guest

    Arabian :))
  5. darkangels

    darkangels New Member

    ARABIANS all the way..lol.
    I don't think there is anything more beautiful on the planet than an arabian horse, they are smart, loyal and very people orientated, i just adore them :)

    My beautiful 2 year old arabian, Shaheen :)

  6. tollygunge

    tollygunge New Member

    Goodness, it's hard to choose just one hehe. LOVE my TB and wouldn't trade him for a million of anything, but one day I would love, love, love to get myself an Andalusian. Have drooled over them ever since I knew what they were. For me, when I think of what the ideal horse looks like, they are it. Having that said, I've never ridden one, so my love for them is a little unjustified I guess lol!
  7. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    Your love for them would only grow if you rode one! They have the most comfortable trot you will ever ride, definitely get on one if you have the chance :)
  8. DNDKatherine

    DNDKatherine New Member

    Arabians, for sure.
    Though I've never really had anything else, I would go nowhere else. As much as warmbloods are beautiful to watch (and damn do they have gorgeous tails!!), arabs have personalities up to the skies! And so versatile!! More than most might think. I could have done just about any discipline with my old boy; western, english, eventing, endurance.... He had a beautiful canter to sit to, and lovely wide shoulders so you could ride and jump him bareback with absolute ease. I loved his cheekiness - he kept things interesting!

    Though I'm sure we all think that about our preferred breed. You get the good and bad in all of them, so really, they are all great.
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  9. jc163041

    jc163041 New Member

    Andalusians definately. Love my yearling :) such a huge personality but a complete sook. But I also believe a good horse can be any breed
  10. ILoveClydesdales

    ILoveClydesdales Well-known Member

    I love the look of the clydie crosses, crossed with almost anything.... however after owning one I'm not sure I would again. He was very loyal and definitely had a fabulous personality but as far as a riding horse went, nope! He had very definite ideas about what was expected of him and riding two days in a row was a big no no! Even two days in a week was a stretch, the perfect horse for someone who wanted to ride once or twice a year though lol.

    I have a standy and love his willingness to work, except when his girl is in season. He is a very standoffish type of horse though and I love cuddles so it's hard for me.

    I've owned plenty of TBs and find myself going back to them time and again, no idea why as my confidence is shot!! But they just have a presence!

    I almost own a little riding pony and honestly, if I could ride her she would never leave me! She has learnt so much in such a short amount of time, kept her "wild ways" hehe and has THE best personality!! All I need do is lose 60kg, half of me! LOL

    My dream horse would be a riding pony TB cross I think. Wow, I'd never actually stopped to think about it before. If anyone has any pics of this cross I'd love to see some :D
  11. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    I was so jealous of CMBR getting to own this gorgeous little filly :eek:

    Welsh for me. I love all the types :D I've produced a B for my future grandchildren, and have a D for myself :D The Welshies are so gutsy and loyal, and they don't need plaiting :D I also love the steadfast natures of Standies and (some) QH's. I've seen some very obsessive QH's, very diligent in their work (scary even). But I love laid-back horses :D
  12. snoopydoo

    snoopydoo Well-known Member

    I love chunky pony breeds. Just realised it was mainly pony breeds I like. Welsh D, Fell, and especially Highlands. I love their personalities and the fact many people who like finer breeds are amazed that the chunkies can do and are good at athletic disciplines like jumping and dressage. I like to feel a whole lot of pony under me when I'm riding. Thundering along at a gallop with full hair flying is awesome. I also love highland x Tb. Great smaller sport pony cross. Not so keen on welsh x though - wierd.
    Like many others love fresians from afar and also most Spanish breeds but would never do one justice. I'd look like a pimple on a mountain on one of those.
    HHmmm - lots of hair and long manes and tails in common here!!!
  13. sil

    sil Gold Member

    I've owned a few breeds and have liked them all.
    But nothing owns my heart like my Saddlebreds. They are just the nicest people.

  14. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    Australian Stock Horse..................or the little mongrel bred things with a few different breeds in them.
  15. Ceffyl

    Ceffyl New Member

    another fan of the welshies, especially the cobs. Love the heavy pony breeds, andalusians and friesians... oh and TB x ID's
  16. Picup436

    Picup436 Active Member

    TB for me. I love their athleticism, and I have never had a TB that doesn't try its heart out.

    I think I am the only person in the world that doesn't love the Friesian!
  17. Nattyh

    Nattyh Guest

    Awww, Picup, what's going on with that? :p
  18. Anna E

    Anna E Guest

    Welsh - for their cheek
    STB - for their work ethic
    Arab - for their determination to TALK to you
    But given unlimited money and the ability to travel the world till I found one - a yellow buckskin TB X Highland.
    I had one as a teenager - 15hh of attitude, courage and will! I don't think I'll ever share again the same bond that I had with that horse (largely cos I was a teenager who could spend every spare minute with him, rather than a working mother fitting horses in around everything else)
  19. Picup436

    Picup436 Active Member

    Friesians are just too hairy. And too clumpy.

    But the one I ride is my hangover horse, and he does everything. Even team penning, although people take the mickey out of him for making the ground shake and scaring the cows in the right direction, rather than actually working them :D

    See, hairy:

  20. Nattyh

    Nattyh Guest

    Hair? What hair :confused:
    I just see Gogeousness :D:D:D

    ETA - OMG did you say 'clumpy' ???

    Them's fighting words ya know Picup!!
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