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Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by Georgia12, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. Georgia12

    Georgia12 New Member

    Hi,I have a 17hh thoroughbred that is heavier bone than most thoroughbreds.He has been wormed and had teeth done.I am really struggling to put weight on him..and I want to know what horse feed has proven to put weight on horses? I have just put him on energy pak 1kg dip,mitavite xtra cool 1kg dip,prydes power pak 1kg dip and a dip of Lucerne and oaten.
  2. Warren

    Warren New Member

    What else are you feeding him? The best way to put weight on, and to keep it on, is to make sure the horse actually has enough to eat.

    A 17hh horse probably weighs (or should weigh) about 600kg and horses need to eat about 2% of their bodyweight in feed each day. Your horse should eat about 12kgs (dry weight) of feed each day but the daily diet in your post is only around 4kgs. If he's on grass of course that contributes to the daily intake. If not, he will need a good supply of hay.

    I also don't see the need to feed various pellets, just pick one and feed the recommended amount. Or feed a predominantly roughage diet and add a good feed balancer.

    If your horse is actually eating 12kgs each day and is still underweight then you could add some empty calories to a balanced diet by using oil or a product like Hygain Tru Gain. Just remember that the diet must be balanced and the horse must get sufficient food.

    Good luck with him.
  3. Georgia12

    Georgia12 New Member

    That's all he gets feed,So do you think I should not feed him the three different concentrates?
  4. Warren

    Warren New Member

    I don't see the point in feeding three different concentrates, each one is probably intended to be a complete feed. Just pick one concentrate and feed it according to the guide on the bag. You can feed pellets with chaff and lucerne if you want but the most important thing is to feed plenty of hay.

    Roughage is the most important part of a horse's diet and plenty of good quality hay will do more good than any pellets.

    And you must make sure he gets enough to eat. He really needs around 12kgs every day and most of that should be hay so that he spends a long time chewing.
  5. Georgia12

    Georgia12 New Member

    Out of the three concentrates which one would be most appropriate to feed?
  6. Warren

    Warren New Member

    I haven't used any of the three you've mentioned but I know people who use Xtra Cool and are very happy with it. The high grain content in some pellets often doesn't suit pleasure horses, especially TBs, because grain can cause fizzy behaviour. I think Xtra Cool is an oat-free feed (I could be wrong though) which is designed to provide energy without fizz.
  7. nag

    nag Well-known Member

    roll of hay 24/7 plus his feed
  8. sprintman

    sprintman Active Member

    EquiJewel, Fibre-Beet
  9. equislave

    equislave Well-known Member

    I find tb"s always respond well to lots of hay, I feed it ad lib.

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