Farmer wants a wife

Discussion in 'Open Discussions' started by Noelle, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Belinda

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    Aww, what a shame about Tom and Fiona! :-(
  2. dpjg

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    You ladies are SO funny! I was reading out your comments to my 17yo daughter who watched FWAW with me last night and we were laughing so hard - some of you should become the tv critics for the newspaper. Loved Jodie and Sam, she is from our closest town so feel like she is "ours"!
    We had a reality tv episode shot at our workplace for "Random Acts of Kindness" (same production house) and while the people were really lovely and friendly, they are there to make their story and the shooting and reshooting of scenes from various angles really did show us just how much storyboarding goes into these shows. They really like people to cry on camera and I didn't enjoy that part of it, (not that I had to cry, but someone else did tear up and it certainly went to air in its full glory).
  3. fuddles

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    best part of last nights show was when tom told Shauna she was not the chosen one. Watch out Farmer Tom a bunny maybe heading your way :)))

    and loved watching farmer Paul squirm when he watched the Vanessa footage

    GOSH i am nasty
  4. Yes the same sort of thing happened when ABC came over a couple of years ago to shoot for our segment of 'Can We Help?' but it was plenty of laughs though, nobody cried in our story LOL
  5. dpjg

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    What did you have to help with (can we help?) was it horse related? Ours was a tribute to a colleague who does a lot for others (random acts of kindness)

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