False dorsal stripes?

Discussion in 'Colour Questions' started by nklpark, Jan 9, 2012.

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    I've over the last few years i've had a few foals with false dorsal, just wondering what caused them, some of these have not grown out';' all foals with no dun parents

    sorry i don't know anything about false dorsal stripes but i have a lady who's foal she bred to Halo has one , she's going to send photo's of her chesnut filly through tonite

    this is Charm, we thought she was going to be buckskin but has tested negative to cream, sire palomino, dam buckskin

  2. mineees

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    we have a few here that have false dorsal stripes.And we dont really know alot about them yet either...:)
  3. Just looks like a bay to me with sharp countershading or "foal" primitive markings that will grow out. Pali to buckskin still leaves 25% chance of a non-dilute and Charm could be one of those one in four.

    All duns have dorsal stripes but not all horses with dorsal stripes are dun. Some are VERY clear, like the photo above, others are fuzzy.

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