Exercises for hindquarter muscle building

Discussion in 'Training Horses' started by Northern Peregrine, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. buggalugs

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    very true widgelli...

    however i found that to speed up the process of bringing my ottb back into work after his lil holiday over xmas... i just use whey powder - its cheap as and has made the process that mauch faster - just as if we took muscle building powder. however this is only going to help wth good correct work... muscle can only build where it is being used and if its used incorrectly then the muscle will only build in the worng places! canter with the poll as low as you can get it, rounded without tripping over (ala my horse last week) is also brilliant for building muscle across the quarters and you can do alot more of that than back up!
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    I have to have a littel giggle here. I too use whey powder on my young horse.....it is also recommended to stop scouring too.

    Giggling beocz I just had a diet analysis done on my horse and when I told the lady I use whey powder, she said...oh yes they give that to the PIGS too!:p
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    I found that road work was the best thing for my old eventer.

    Does wonders for hardening up legs too - we did 2 road rides a week along with dressage and jumping.

    he ended up enormous :)

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