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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by Unicorn, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. Grandera

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    We have racehorses and all my showhoses have come off the track so I dont know any different but we refuse to sell ours who are finished to teenagers.Only because they dont know what they can do and teenagers tend to think they are invinsible.I dont want someone or the horse getting hurt.
    Also to say racehorses are uneducated is a little ignorant.They are educated but not as equestrian horses are.
    They are broken in,put through barriers,taught how to steel up and find the line.Many a equestrian rider have tried to turn their hand to racing very unsuccessfully.
    My advice to anyone would be to work in a arena for 6 months when you first get them.Just to get to know them and re educate to your own way of riding.Plus thoroughbreds find comfort in being enclosed when they are nervous for some reason.And dont worry about weight,just cut out all the grain,just give lots of bulk.
  2. Jez

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    Spot on Grandera - well said.
  3. moreHaffies4WA

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    i totally agree.. ex race horses are cheap sometimes free and people think OH GREAT A FREE HORSE!!!
    i've had an old grey he was an ex racer, you could never get that head set out of him, that he is a racehorse. He never won any race, but every time i took him for some exercises arond this bosh track with this girl i used to ride with (hers was also an older ex racer) the two boys would just try to beat each other. if my boys nose was a cm further than the others he would run faster. we never let them go for it, but even in a nice canter they both still wanted to gallop. practically feel them explode underneath you.

    i dont think any unexperienced person specially kids should ever get on a horse that has just come off the track. if you ae experienced and have the time to put the work in, they can become great horses, but i would still be carefull letting kids ride them....
  4. Tallarook

    Tallarook Well-known Member

    Ha Ha Ha i totally agree Unicorn!!!

    I also live by the motto "people need a license to own a horse", heck there is alot of people in this world who dont even feed or water the cat and dog let alone do the right thing by a race horse.

    Every time i have a parent asking me advice about owning a horse, i tell them that it is a 7 day a week job, not 2-3 times per week part time. I get really frustrated and angry watching these parents get a cheapie or a freebie for little mary who has learnt how to trot, canter and hey maybe even jump a school horse in a totally supervised situation.

    Then they get Mary a horse and off they go on their own, the horse learns to play party tricks very very quickly, usually starting with pulling back, not floating, moving off when mounting, shying and then it is a downward spiral from there. Then the poor old horse is labelled the mongruel and poor little mary is hard done by - booo hoooo....

    Unfortunately it is the parents that need the bullet not the horse, he is only doing what he can get away with, the kid doesnt know enough and can only make a childs mentallity decission. The parents make the adult decission to not seek professional advice, and guidance and they are the ones to blame.
  5. ClubIgnite

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    Yes i know about this scenario, agreed, give parents the bullet! Ideally riding schools would teach some basic horse management knowledge, I do, BUT it is up to the child/parent if they are WILLING to put the time in and LEARN. Otherwise if they are ignorant unfortunately nothing can be done about it. Instructors often do the best they can and are usually called in when this kind of situation arises.. Oh well at least we wont be out of a job!
  6. moreHaffies4WA

    moreHaffies4WA Well-known Member

    scorpio i AGREE once again lol
    i let a friend ride my filly (well shes 5 but she is the younger one of my two so she is the fillie) and she is such a great horse to ride, but she just knew my friend couldnt ride at all, so she didnt move one foot for her LITTEALLY. she just stood there and tried to eat some gass.
    horses just KNOW when someone is scared or doesnt know what they are doing and later it is them that get the blame for it. its not fair for the horse
  7. mzgtr

    mzgtr Well-known Member

    I don't believe people should be so quick to put a black mark on ex race horse's. Any breed can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Horse's can be very unpredictable one minute they can be going along fine then in a second can change attitudes.

    If you think about it ex race horse's usually young, green, feed up to the max with oats and gallop around all day and have not been taught different. Now if you take away TB from the situation and put any other breed in the TB spot (young, green, feed to max, gallop around) does not matter what breed it is, it will be dangerous to an inexperience horse rider.

    Though some TB can be lovely nature and even some ex race horse's can be excellent to handle depending on the kind of handling it has had at the racing stable. If you think about it a lot of stable hands that work in the racing industry are not very experience and will let a TB walk all over them and considering the turn around of racing horse's of course they will be the breed that will have the most problems. They need to be trained in the quickest time possible because when it comes down to it, its all about money...
  8. EVP

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    Unfortunately some horse breeds are known to be hotter than others. This includes TB's. Think of it as handling a fire cracker as opposed to handling a hand grenade.

    Actually horses in work don't do that. They are worked, washed and put back in their stall or day yard. The only time they get to gallop would be fast work on the track. They don't even get a chance to enjoy the walker or hand walking. The only time a TB would get a chance to gallop all day would be spelling......and most spelling places would lock up a horse that did that....they want condition on and brain let down!

    Just a question?...did the TB filly you got given come from the training stables you work at?

    **Many horses are destined for 2 yr old racing.......hence they want to get them to the track quickly....but others are not targeted for those campaigns and actually start as older horses. It depends on what the owner/client wants and the evaluation from the trainer.
  9. beagle

    beagle Well-known Member

    about OTTBs:
    - i applaud those with enough experience & nouse to take these obviously bold & athletic individuals successfully into eventing & dressage & hacking,in fact i think it's a natural progression for their type & nature
    - i shake my head & roll my eyes at inexperienced OR (notice i didn't say AND) young teenager &/or their parents who just go for a cheap pretty horse,after all,how much is a child's safety worth
    - i have ridden 3 active racehorses : 1 a complete bastard (sorry) for all males but loved females but was still a nasty piece of work,the other 2 were lovely types who even though they failed in their racing careers were successfully re-homed to EXPERIENCED people (again not dictating ages here) who are very happy with them
    - i would never buy one as i don't have the need for one in my chosen discipline
    about STBs:
    - from what i've dealt with,nice temps
    - can be very stubborn
    - perhaps a bit safer for teens,inexperienced than OTTBs
    - hardy individuals
    - if they've paced actively,have inherent lameness issues that come out later
    - have mouths up the said creek
    There thats my dollar's worth.:)
  10. Sharaway

    Sharaway Guest

    Green on Green makes black on blue, and old but still very true saying, take a hot green horse, give it to a know it all young rider, and its a dangerous combination no matter what breed of horse you have.

    And yes to all those Tbred lovers who have never seen a bad Tbred and other breeds are also have bad horses, yep your all dead right, and the reason there are SOOOO many problem Tbred, is because there are SOOOO many TB's full stop, simple number games really.

    There are well know bloodlines of Tb even with in the industry are known for being dangerous animals, these lines should never ever be allowed into the general public.

    So I do agree in part that the owners of Tbred, are as much to blame in part for the bad rep that Tb's have, but the simple and sad truth is, that a far number of tb's are just plain wrecked by time they have done a few years racing both physically and mentally.
  11. mzgtr

    mzgtr Well-known Member

    With regards to bloodlines.. How do you know if a TB has safe bloodlines so to speak
  12. beagle

    beagle Well-known Member

    well i've heard those ones from Kempinsky &/or Beauscay are dodgy...
  13. mzgtr

    mzgtr Well-known Member

    lol yes I'm sure you have.....
  14. beagle

    beagle Well-known Member

    1st sign of a gsoh!! Quick - inform admin!! Haha mzgtr!!!
  15. mzgtr

    mzgtr Well-known Member

    ...??? Sorry I don't understand??
  16. beagle

    beagle Well-known Member

    i rest my case.
  17. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    So is the filly from your pre-training work place?

    Safe bloodlines? In what way?

    Besides you won't have to worry about her bloodlines if you don't intend to breed her........sounds like a very good time to geld your colt?

    Ho ho Beagle.....and down came the gavel......
    That did make me laugh.......*#)
  18. Pockets

    Pockets Gold Member

    Theres no absolutes of course but certain sires(and dams) have reps for throwing 'dirt' in their progeny-some are just handfuls,some are dirty under saddle and some just outright mongrels lol!
  19. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Are we still talking about horses here Pockets?


    I think its probably a bit late to worry about how "safe" your new filly is.....LOL You have already taken delivery of her......
    That might have been something to ask her trainer prior to saying "Yes I'll take her"?

    Another good word to go with "safe" is "SOUND".

    Sounds like there is a question mark over this one too.
  20. Pockets

    Pockets Gold Member

    LMAO of course *bats eyelids*

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