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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by Unicorn, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. Lakota

    Lakota Well-known Member

    I love my Thoroughbreds, but after some of my experiences I definatly agree that they are NOT for beginners. Too many times have I seen young girls come to pony club with their brand new TB, only to have it chuck them off.

    Totally agree Jez!
    Some of my best horses have been TB's.
    My boy that I just sold had been off the track 3 years, and he was very quiet, especially for a TB. But that doesn't mean he didn't have his off days. He could be a handful if he wanted to!!

    My current mare has been off the track 3 months. I was very careful in selecting her, it took months but she is well worth it.
    I am taking things very slowly with her in the round yard, and she is responding very kindly to it.
    She will be going in foal this year, as she needs to let down from racing, and it will give me more time to get to know her, and build up a trusting relationship.
  2. Roe

    Roe Banned

    I have found this thread to be very intresting so thanks to everyone for commenting.

    I have a throughbred off the track who is calm as calm can be however she has the ability to be a race horse and I am very aware of this. I also forgive her for this because this is how she has been trained. I would not put a beginer on her however next year I might as she is going so well in her re-education.

    I think the charm with thoughbreds is that they can be re-educated and the same with s/b.

    I would also like to mention that it is not only ex-race horses that can be dangerous however it can be horse. I have recently purchased Millie she was also dangerous I was very concerned about peoples saftey around her however she was lucky to get me as an owner and i have had her re-educated and she is polite as pie. :)
  3. Webby

    Webby Well-known Member

    My TB has an exceptional Tempermant right from the minute he was broken in and right through his racing career he is quiet and kind and will do anything to please. He has been off the track for 7years and I have have inexperience riders on the lunge ride him and novices in the water, However he is still a TB bred to race, at a serpentine ODE whilst warming up for the dressage some kids ran through the water jump and my horse got a fright took off being very wet and slippery i took my tie to slow him down.
    But he gathered a fair bit of speed, thankgod there wasnt an inexperienced rider on board. Same thing has happened in my arena. Yes this can happen with any breed and anyhorse but TB's are a bit bigger than ponies and some SB are very athletic and agile and because of this i love them to absolute bits but there is no place for begginners on them!
  4. LauraandNero

    LauraandNero New Member

    Hey Webby
    I was at the Serpi comp with my TB when the kids jumped in the water stupid kids I was lucky my boy was more scared of running away from his friend than running away from the noise. I agree that some people need a licence to work with horses my TB was my first horse but I had many years experience riding others but I was told that he had been out in the field for 18 months when he had only finished racing 5 months earlier. I didn't find this out until I had bought him (my fault for not checking) but I had already falled in love with him but fortunatly I was one of the lucky one with him being so brilliant!

    As if it is not bad enough that inexperienced people buy these horses but some of the people doing the selling lie through their teeth to get rid of them. It is so stupid poor horses.
  5. Wendy

    Wendy Well-known Member

    Buying ex racehorses

    To get back to the original question, why do people buy V8 cars and 1000cc motorbikes?
    Why do some people go on the biggest, scariest ride at the show?
    Why are women having more babies to get the baby bonus when there are millions of starving people in the world
    People have to learn in their own way, do there own thing.
    Every ones different and the Government has enough rules already.
  6. moodymare

    moodymare Well-known Member

    As a standarbred owner and worshiper the only way short of breeding one is to get them straight off the track, and I find they adapt to ridden life brilliantly of course there are exceptions.
    After assesing a galloway for a friend that had been there done that and learnt how to say no to every thing, I convinced her to take on a 4yr old OTT Stbd, now she had very little experience but I was willing to help her learn.
    Needless to say within a month of solid ground work and paddock play they were madly in love, the next day I saddled and mounted him with nothing more than a turned ear and plodded around the place.
    10yrs later he and my friend are inseperable, they only ride for pleasure but he has never put a foot wrong.
    I also obtained 3 Yr old ex-pacer unbroken when I was 13 and although I had many years of lessons behind me I didnt realize that she wasnt saddle broken, so after wondering why she would give a little buck whenever I put legs on I got my instructor to take a look, imagine my surprise when I found out!.
    She is now 20 and still going strong, you definately have to have patience and a clear idea of what is needed with horses that have raced cause firstly you have to un-teach them, then give them a whole new set of actions, but I wouldnt have it any other way.
    Plus someone has to give these Stbds the loving homes they need.
  7. leah

    leah Well-known Member

    call me crazy but my 11yr old son has 3 x TB horses, his eventing mare who is a totall dream to do anything with and jumps like a champ for him. A 16.2hh gelding who is so quiet I let anyone who is a bit nervous ride him cause he takes such good care of beginners. hes just begining his education now. And a broodie. These 3 horses are all the most kind gentle and calm horses, ( Or else i wouldnt put my son on them) TB s are breed to run, but can also be trained as great riding horses.:))
  8. ilikehorsesdou

    ilikehorsesdou Well-known Member

    Your crazy lol (not) but jay's a good little rider dont think much would worry him (grab it by the b*lls and throw it over your shoulder)lol
  9. suga1624

    suga1624 Well-known Member

    I think it all depends..
    we have previously owned 2 ex-gallopers and they hav been fantastic quiet horses. but that was about 3 years after being off the track.. maybe its length of time off?? both MASSIVE horses and solid.. i put a beginner on one and we went for a long walk and she was fine. the other is now a dressage horse. but i think its all completely determined on their time away from the track and wat handleing is done with the horse and TYPE of handling.
    my opinion anyway =)
  10. suga1624

    suga1624 Well-known Member

    couldnt say it any better
  11. spunkykzpc

    spunkykzpc New Member

    all the horses i've owned have been OTT
    my first horse i owned was a TB but i was not a beginner i leased for a long time and joined pc before getting her.
    She was awesome done everything i asked with barely a problem.
    i now own a standardbred mare i took a chance with her seeings we were both majorly out of practice and it paid off she is awesome.
    I had a friend who bought an OTT gelding at 17 hh he bought him because they were going to send him to the knackery.
    He asked me to settle him down after 4 rides he had nearly killed me twice taking me under trees blindly running from anything that moved.
    This guy was a learner and i told him he would get killed on this horse.
    He ended up selling him and bought a re-educated standardbred who was dead quiet and perfect for him they are still best mates 7 years later.

    i think it is always smart to bring someone who has some horse sense to look at any horse with you if your a beginner OTT or not there are some awesome horses out there but there are also some real rotten ones and if your a learner it's like playing with a loaded gun someones gonna get hurt.
  12. beckys_best

    beckys_best Well-known Member

    comming from a non horsey family i was one of those teenage girls with ott t/b's and s/b's without my parents knowledge!!!!! in all fairness the s/b was not even broken in but he, over 10 yrs later is still my baby a quiet riding horse hes even teaching my partner to ride now but as for the t/b well i have many hospital visits under my belt from her (thats how my mom found out) so i would agree not the best way to learn but now all my gg's are of the track and i wouldnt trade them for anything:)*
  13. Laury

    Laury New Member

    What a great thread! I have really enjoyed people's experiences and opinions on this subject!- even if it is 2 years old!

    I trialled an OTTB that was 16 years old. He had done lots of other stuff and his racing past was years ago. One day out on the trail I decided to let him have his head and WOW I can see why people become jockeys! (not me - I weigh about 2 average jockeys!)

    Despite the thrill he wasn't the horse for me - I ended up with a Clydie X.

    If I had the time I would love to take on another OT horse but fortunately now I am not quite as ignorant as I was back then so I would actually do the re-training properly!
  14. moodymare

    moodymare Well-known Member

    OTT track horses I agree are not for every one but if you feel like a challenge then please consider a standardbred they will canter happily under a balanced rider as this is what is needed for them to achieve this gait, too many go to the knackery because people think they cant caner!!!!, a standardbred will make you focus on balance and make a better rider out of you so if you are up to the challenge please give one of these wonderful SB's a home ,I did and will never regret ti:D
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  15. equinenthusiast

    equinenthusiast New Member

    I think the OTT thoroughbred needs an experienced rider. The whole legs on thing. If a beginner rider gets a fright their instinct is to hang (grip) on. Where do they hang on from? Their knees & thighs. Where abouts does a jockey sit and drive a horse forward? Same place that beginner is hanging on for dear life from. To a race horse that sqeeze means go forward - FAST.
    Can't blame a horse for confusing the aids.
    Takes an experienced rider to re-train forward and halt aids.
    Beginner riders would find life alot easier and safer if they learnt to ride on experienced horses who are alot more forgiving when an aid is asked incorrectly, than a green horse who is learning the aid for the first time.
    Well done to the beginners who have mastered the OTT Tbd but how much longer did it take for you to achieve the riding level you are at now? Would have been way quicker to begin on an experienced horse that can teach you! I for one wonder where I would be now if I too didn't have a long history of OTT horses!
    I wouldn't swap the experience they have taught me but might have saved me from some falls and mistakes - not to mention time!!
    If I could do it all again, I think I would take the easy road and learn from the experienced horse - train the OTT when I knew what I was doing!
  16. Bear_Luva

    Bear_Luva Active Member

    I own a ex-race horse. (bought him after being spelled) Best horse ever, never ever put a hoof wrong. I learnt to ride on him while having help training him, but i do agree with everyone as he is a one in a million horse and other ex-racers i've ridden are complete handfuls!
  17. simbin

    simbin Gold Member

    I've owned several of the track thoroughbreds over many years and I still havent learnt that if I click with my tongue they go faster lol. You'd think I would have learnt by now.
  18. proud_equestrian

    proud_equestrian Active Member

    I think OTT standies are generally more quiet than OTT TB.... but regardless and OTT horse requires a more experienced owner. I for one having owned both STB and TB would always choose a STB (I just love them) so I think I have to agree with moodymare here :D

    CABALLO New Member

    I am sorry to say but this issue about OTT TB keeps coming up again and again, what about all those other breeds that are just as dangerous in the wrong hands...

    I have been around TB my whole life and yes some of them are better PTS than being sold on but there are a great deal out there that are fantastic and it really upsets me to see everyone always giving TB a bad wrap.

  20. 4under4

    4under4 New Member


    i dont have a horse yet but i would never get a ex race horse especily for a child id pay 1000s for a good pony for my child to get a safer horse that dosnt go so fast. i would probibly have a heart attack seein my kid on a race horse haha

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