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  1. Excelsior Centerpiece

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    that is interesting...... wonder why:confused:
  2. madcow

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    well I've seen some Dressage Horses that are extreemly talented buckers?:eek::p*#)';':confused:
  3. tilda

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    im another member who isnt going to renew my membership...i only occasionally go to a show and use my membership for lessons etc. its not going to be worth joining again this year #(
  4. retroremedy

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    Yep only costs you $132 to ride in rodeo sports, and that includes bullriding.....only $100 if you prefer campdrafting :p
  5. mirawee

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    And they have decent prize money!
  6. ZaZa

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    I can't find it now, but they're used to be something on the EWA website that gave you a break down of what your membership fee covered.
    The actual insurance component wasn't that great. It was all the EWA's addtional fees that made it add up so substantially.
    Madcow's right, the EWA has the riders over a barrel but apart from voting with your feet and possibly changing disciplines, what can you do ?
  7. Double Helix

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    Well members do have the right to call a Special General Meeting, power is in numbers!
  8. JustJam

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    ZaZa... you email EA ;)

    Ok, so I finally got the email off to Equestrian Australia... it wasn't very eloquent, however I imagine they will get the drift. (I did think better about emailing them with "WTF! *with the link to this thread* lol)

    Maybe someone will reply - maybe they won't ';'

    I agree wholeheartedly with those that rarely use the SEC (whether that be distance, no need, just need to be an EWA member to enter the odd show)... outrageous to pay such a high cost for something that is of no value to them.

    The SEC is a wonderful venue, and needs to be maintained and managed... this is just not the way to go about it!
  9. kathera

    kathera Active Member

    Why not??

    Brookleigh seems to keep running pretty nicely???
  10. pso

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    the latest email- for those that dont subscribe

    Priority Blast - Chair clarifies EWA membership 9.06.10
    9 June 2010

    Dear Members,

    You will have recently received an email regarding the new Equestrian WA (EWA) membership fees for 2010. We have received both positive and negative feedback in the relation to the new fees and I should like to take this opportunity to thank all of those members who have provided feedback to date.

    As the CEO has outlined in his latest newsletter entitled "Membership Fees for 2010", which I strongly encourage all members to read Newsletters
    The State Equestrian Centre (SEC) has historically been operating at a deficit each year
    EWA income has been and is currently being used to "prop up" the SEC
    The SEC belongs to the EWA members and the bottom line is that it must be self sufficient and must generate enough revenue to cover day to day operational costs, ongoing annual maintenance and when required major repairs.

    The decision to introduce new membership prices was not one that was taken lightly by the EWA Board. A significant amount of time and effort has been taken in reviewing the historical decision making, fee structures and accounting models used in previous years. For the very first time in the history of the SEC the EWA Board actually knows what it costs to operate such a facility. Given this it would be remiss of the EWA Board to continue to operate 'as normal' and as such the EWA Board had to make the unenviable decision to either:
    Turn the SEC over to a facility management company such as Venues West
    Implement a new financial model which will enable generation of the appropriate level of revenue required to ensure financial viability for the SEC
    As Chair, I believe the EWA Board has not chosen the 'easy option' but rather has acted in the best interest of the whole EWA membership. As with all change the EWA Board is aware that we are not always going to please everyone however as the CEO has highlighted there are a number of benefits to this change including:
    The elimination of Ground Service Fees
    The future of the SEC is secured
    EWA will have the resources to focus on growing regional equestrian sport
    Regular usage of SEC by members will become cheaper
    Members will no longer be subsidizing non members
    Having established and managed the SEC operational costs will enable the EWA Board to be proactive in its ongoing management and assist in meeting two of our strategic directives 2009-2013
    Examples of how this may affect you as a member?
    e.g. 1 ? Associate Member = $190
    if the member attends 2 x weekend competitions and camps overnight on Saturday on both occasions, they will save themselves a minimum of $120
    e.g 2 ? A family consisting of a Senior Member ($225) and a Junior Member ($175). Total = $400
    if they attend 1 x weekend competition and camps Friday and Saturday nights, they will save themselves a minimum of $120
    One of the major concerns raised by those in opposition to the new fees relates to what this will mean for 2011. While the EWA Board are not in a position, currently to provide a specific figure, I would like to assure the members that the fees for 2011 will not double as has been suggested. Please note that the 6-month membership fee is in line with this years (Jan-June 2010) membership price. In fact a little lower in some categories.

    Please note if you wish to provide feedback there is a process for doing so. You may put your feedback in addressing your concerns to the CEO Mr. Hamish Johnston or myself as the Chair of EWA. Please email exec.assistant@equestrianwa.org.au

    Please remember while the EWA office staff may be able to provide you with answers to your questions they are are only enacting a EWA Board decision. Please do not take your frustration out on them, it is completely inappropriate.

    I thank those of you who have written to us with sincerity, constructive criticism, positive comments and support. Our decisions are made with integrity and belief in the bigger picture.

    Thank you.

    Dr Theresa Marshall
  11. Double Helix

    Double Helix Well-known Member

    Here is the breakdown of Victorias membership fees:

    http://www.vic.equestrian.org.au/si...1/FEES and Where does my money go 2009-10.pdf

    Given we are all branches of EA National and insured through AON then I would assume that the National Levy ($52.50) and Insurance ($42.87) components of the membership fee would be the same for us.

    It also states that "Your membership also contributes to the support of Werribee
    Park National Equestrian Centre" and they can do all this for $245 Senior and $141 Associate / Horse Owner per 12 month period!!!
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  12. cobbie

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    Im doing what Scorpio is, joining all the clubs close by that I would compete at often, that way you get the insurance as well as cheaper entries, save you fuel AND you still come in way under EWA! And you also help support the local clubs. And then joining myself and my horse with SHC. I wanted to do EWA newcomers and the inter/novice shows but I just can't justify paying such extreme costs for 2 shows!
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  13. Cav

    Cav Gold Member

    There has just been a priority blast sent out to all members re: the membership. (whoops didnt see PSO's post! :))
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  14. nannygoat

    nannygoat Gold Member

    very interesting that they use an example of camping as the best way to save money seeing as the bulk of competitors do not camp!!
    Not denying this is an important cost for country competitors but really, try an example that affects the most members.
  15. Cav

    Cav Gold Member

    i agree but i didnt want to comment. the information provided mentions no benefits about people who are (this is showhorse discipline specific of course):

    a) judges (officials)
    b) people that have to be members as they own a horse competing yet they do not compete or use the SEC themselves and usually have a rider for the horse that is a member also
    c) pleasure riders that only use EWA for insurance for example under instruction for lessons etc
  16. alexander

    alexander Well-known Member

    Have just sent my letter off to them to respond to the request for feedback, although it seems from the priority blast that their decision is final?

    I truely hope we can do something about this as we were hoping to get a couple more of our young horses out with riders next year and I am afraid that it may be beyond our financial capacity now.
  17. Lin

    Lin Well-known Member

    Yep, and look at the ground fees and stable costs on Werribee. You don't think they run that place for peanuts.
  18. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Weribee Stables are $26 and gf is $11. So currently cheaper than SEC. Private arena hire is half the cost of the SEC!
  19. Lin

    Lin Well-known Member

    SEC stables are $20 and ground fee $15 for EWA members (with their current 25% discount) so that is $2 less. :)
  20. Marianne

    Marianne Gold Member

    I vote for that.:)):p

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