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  1. ZaZa

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    The increased fees might encourage some to use the facilities more but it's also going to result in the loss of quite a few members.
    Going forard, those remaining members will have fees increased yet again to compensate for those that have dropped their membership and the cycle continues.
    Hardly a win, win situation.
  2. finding_nemo

    finding_nemo Active Member

    Clubs need to think smart!!!!! Clubs should perhaps look at offering riders club day membership to ride at events held by the club. Just a thought. I am sure there is a way around this. We will be discussing along these options tonight at the ARCA meeting.
  3. lulubelle

    lulubelle New Member

    Well I was going to join the EWA as Associate member, but have changed my mind.

    I keep my horse on a strict budget, hardly compete, am a country rider and never ride in Perth or at the SEC. I am member of my local club so that I can have lessons and that's about it really.

    Without the day insurance, I won't even be able to go to a competition that isn't held by the club.

    Will the EWA instructors be losing business also by lack of people joining? I can't go to anyone that doesn't come through my club either..which is a bummer.
  4. Lin

    Lin Well-known Member

    I would think that ARCA could still offer the day membership (need to ask AON if that is still an option though)? It is only EWA events that will not offer day memberships. Unless the host club being an EWA affiliate means that the ARCA challenge is a de facto EWA event.

    Tricky one! Good luck tonight, FN. :)
  5. nannygoat

    nannygoat Gold Member

    Lin, did you get the email for the forthcoming challenge and the new restrictions on that concerning day insurance?
    Seems being an affliated club is not enough now...
  6. arylin

    arylin Well-known Member

    If you are only into the hacking side then riders have the option of taking out SHC membership which was $100 for the year last July and covers you 24/7 for any horse related activity.
    I used the insurance side of my SHC membership when my wrist was smashed by a kick from a mare.

    I'm glad I don't bother to be an EA member we have previously done all our competing under our SHC membership and only miss the EA HOTY and Newcomers.

    Considering both SHC and EA are insured by AON its getting ridiculous that rders cant take out individual AON insurance and show their card to any club insured by AON and be able to compete.
    This would surely drop the membership costs to join clubs and would put a stop to the multiple insurance covers horse people are paying.
    Unlikely to happen though as AON are obviously raking in the money with all this doubling up.
  7. madison

    madison Well-known Member

    I only ever took out membership to be able to have lessons with accredited coaches, I don't compete and probably never will so like a very large amount of others will not be paying these fees#(
  8. Lin

    Lin Well-known Member

    That came in last year. When we ran the ARCA dressage challenge, anyone who wasn't an EWA member in their own right, or a member of our Club, had to pay the day insurance. Now they are suggesting that even day insurance won't be available for EWA events (whatever they are).

    Not being able to have day memberships will suck big time, I think.
  9. mill

    mill Guest

    I guess it's done so not much we can say or do but the one thing I have said before and will say again is an increase in insurance costs is fine PROVIDING that EWA publications STOP promoting people riding around without helmets (other than top hats in official comp)

    If insurance is such an issue, EWA SHOULD NOT BE ENDORSING unsafe riding practices by using photos of riders in their publications eg well known eastern states riders visiting SEC and doing riding demos prancing around with just a baseball cap on

    That's my only comment :)
  10. 3ponies

    3ponies Well-known Member

    Well I think it wil benefit those competing and using the SEC regularly - as my eldest daughter does. I will be very happy not to pay ground fees *#)

    It will not benefit me in anyway with my recreational m/ship as I am only a member so I am covered by insurance and can have lessons with NCAS instructors. Sadly I don't seem to get the opportunity to ride at the SEC these days.

    It will also stop me joining up my middle daughter, she will have to wait until she is competing more regurly to make it worth while.

    I wish they would introduce a family membership - with 4 of us in the family - that will be around $1500 for the year for the privelage of having lessons and competing at EWA events :(
  11. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    Arylin would the membership with the SHC cover those who only want it to cover them for lessons and in my case Adult riders ? (Our ARC isn't affiliated with the EWA. We work on a system where each member must be an individual EWA member).
    Would NCAS instructors accept students who only have SHC membership/insurance ? Probabley not ??
    Just thinking out out loud here :p *#)
  12. Cav

    Cav Gold Member

    Im not renewing, huge expense with no real benefits. #(
  13. luffy

    luffy Active Member

    I would encourage anyone with concerns, no matter what they are, to write a letter to the EWA CEO. I have written a letter and while some may not agree with my concerns you may others of your own:

    Dear Hamish

    I am astounded at the new fee structure being introduced 1st July 2010. While I was aware of the issues surrounding the running of the SEC, the increase in fees for EWA members is devastating and would seem contradictory to the future of equestrian sport in WA. Numbers at local competitions have been lower this year than previous years and I am sure such a large one-off increase in fees will have people re-considering their desire to compete.

    From the outlined 6 monthly fee structure I am assuming that the Senior membership fee for 2011 will be $450! This is double that of other states such as NSW and VIC that have excellent equestrian facilities in the form of the SIEC and Werribee. I am not aware of how these equestrian facilities are funded, maybe they have more government support.

    You state that “The Board’s clear understanding is that the majority of our members wish EWA to continue to manage the SEC, not to hand it over to a third party management company.” In light of the fee structure that seems to be required to support this statement I am not sure that the “majority” of EWA members would hold this view. It may benefit those members with multiple horses competing at higher levels but what about the low level rider with one horse that attends one competition every couple of months or the regional rider that cannot come and use the SEC frequently?

    How much will SEC facility hire be decreased? What constitutes unlimited access to the SEC? Can I use the international / indoor arena anytime I wish to book without paying a fee? I work full-time so can only access the facilities on a weekend. I am a member of a breed society who stopped using the SEC for their annual breed show due to the prohibitive cost of the stables for members that bring multiple stallions and young horses. Will the stable fee’s be removed under the new “SEC fee structure”.

    Is the abolishment of the Day Membership Levy a directive form the EA / AON or just restricted to WA? It seems by the wording “EWA no longer accepts day membership as a suitable condition of entry, if a rider wishes to compete at EWA endorsed events, they must either join EWA or join the hosting club” that it is just restricted to EWA which again is an attempt to force people to become EWA members. This will have a huge impact on the Adult Riding sector who now even to become a recreational rider will have to pay $280, more than a senior member of Equestrain NSW! While it has been suggested that Adult Riding clubs could alter their constitution to incorporate a “competition membership” how will this impact on their insurance premium?

    Where was the consultation with the members that outlined what exactly would be required (i.e. huge increase in fees) to secure the future of the SEC? It is re-assuring that the Board believe this fundamental change will benefit us all.
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  14. Would be very useful to get some clarification on the day membership issue. Ie does it apply ONLY to EWA events held at the SEC, or does it also apply to events held by clubs affiliated with EWA which might be held anywhere?

    Day membership allows a lot of clubs to earn valuable income from competitors who are not EWA members and only do a few comps a year (the income coming from their entry fees, not their day membership).

    ALSO, what about all the clubs who use the SEC for their shows - does it mean if these clubs are EWA affiliated that there are no longer any ground fees for competitors attending these shows??
  15. Eoroe

    Eoroe Gold Member

    ......off I go to join the SHC......thanks for the heads up on that one Aryline **)

    ETA*** I dont compete really anymore, and only have close handy acsess to Agricultural Shows which are covered by RAS anywhoo....

    The only reason I joined EWA was for AON insurance....so...I will seek them out elsewhere **)

    Smeh.....team penning, campdrafting, ect ect, general 'whatever' riding here I come....

    The saying - "horses are the sport of Kings" is getting closer to the truth **)
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  16. arylin

    arylin Well-known Member

    ZaZa I'm not sure but it wouldn't hurt to follow those thoughts up with the SHC themselves.
    Show Horse Council of Western Australia Inc.

    I know that clubs can affiliate with the SHC but am not sure what that means in regards to the insurance side as things have changed since I was involved in that section.

    I can see a lot of judges rethinking paying their EA membership as well especially if they do not do a lot of judging as it won't be worth their while financially.
  17. Cassy Horse

    Cassy Horse Well-known Member

    I can't speak for all the country people as I'm sure some regularly make the trek to the SEC but for me personally living in the country, when the time comes I would only plan to come up there once, at the most twice a year to do Newcomers the first year my horse comes out and then HOTY if we continue to compete. So all those extra benefits mentioned in that letter really are of no benefit and I'm already covered by SHC insurance anyway. Just got to weigh up the importance of those shows I guess :eek:

    Good point arylin about the doubling up on insurances.
  18. JustJam

    JustJam Well-known Member

    Honestly! What a crock... Talk about being held to ransom!

    EWA just manages the SEC - they pay staff (with the fees) and clearly they are top-heavy! (I think I recall someone telling me that the EWA pays something like $1.00 per day for the venue??)

    Further, the insurance rates are clearly outrageous! Maybe it is time that WA Clubs and riders do something like they have done in Victoria (much as it pains me to suggest that Victorians might have had a good idea! rofl

    Check out the Horse Riding Clubs Association of Victoria (HRCAV) web site... http://www.hrcav.com.au/default.asp?Page=1326

    Apparently it was set up because they were fed-up with EFA nonsense too. And from what I have heard it is extremely well run & managed!

    Insurance with HRCAV = $42.40 per year!

    I can't justify the EWA costs... I too would be in divorce court

    Such a shame... so many young/new riders wanting to get into the sport - and maybe just 'compete' once or twice a year, or have lessons, or even go to Adult Riders - and can't because of the cost. WA is fast becoming an equestrian wasteland :(

    Guess I won't be joining the ARC after all... *sigh*
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  19. 3ponies

    3ponies Well-known Member

    On reflection - surely a better iniative would be to leave membership structure as is and offer a seperate SEC membership. That way those competing regularly can pay extra to enjoy the benefits of riding at the SEC, and those that don't can still afford their EWA membership.
  20. alexander

    alexander Well-known Member

    Thanks pso...must have missed it! Most of their emails are just advertising.

    Still not options for horse OWNERS!

    I don't ride (or compete), and therefore don't need the insurance.

    I don't use the SEC, plenty of other venues with SENSIBLE stable management.

    I sponsor a rider to compete on my horse, you would think that the owners would be looked after a bit better...we have NO benefits at all and it is going to cost me $450 per year for the privilege! #(

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