Ever had one of these moments?

Discussion in 'Training Horses' started by Tam, May 18, 2003.

  1. Tam

    Tam Well-known Member

    Have you ever had one of those wonderful moments where your horse does something ridiculously well and you just want to throw yourself at them in happiness cos they have finally learnt it or finally done it near perfectly? Rewards when they do things like this are really important- I reward with comfort, release of pressure, a pat or voice- sometimes all of the above but its not quite the same as rewarding other animals- say a dog- you give a treat and praise and they wag their tail and look obviously happy. Its not quite that simple with horses! How do you reward your horse?
  2. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    I sure do get those moments and when I'm really happy aswell as using release of pressure I also would give him a pat on the neck but my habit is using my outside rein to pat which them looses everything!!!!!...

  3. The Old Grey Mare

    The Old Grey Mare Active Member

    to reward my mare, i would give some carrots as that is her favourite food treat. but i like to also give some hands on reward, this means a curry brush, a strong arm & an hours worth of elbow grease, she loves it. the harder the better. mutual grooming without the other horse.....
  4. widgelli

    widgelli Well-known Member

    When we were training our horses , we would work on something that needed to be taught /perfected or what ever.
    Once we had gotten co-operation from the horse , we would then stop training and let them relax , and as we lived in the country would go for a ride out into the paddocks.
    The horses loved to go for a gallop , and it was not unusual to see us going full gallop across the front paddock.
    I did this after we moved from the big farm into a small farm near Griffith , and as we couldn't gallop in the paddocks there , I would take "Luke "for a run along the channel which had an area graded along it.
    One day I was doing this , when a chap in a ute drove past me , stopped the ute , sprang out and stepped onto this track right where I would go. I sat up and stopped the horse and asked him what he was doing. I had to laugh when he said that he was going to stop the horse , as he thought that he had bolted.
    The horses loved this , and after we would then go back , hose them down , groom them and feed them.

  5. beccy

    beccy Well-known Member

    it depends on what the 'thing' is. if it is, the horse has got the pace/frame, then reward by not asking and soften (not sloppy)
    to make it comfortable and want to do it again. if the horse has done a trick, or learning something new for the first few times, reward with a treat. some people say because of how horses are, they dont understand food rewards. i think that is the silliest thing i have ever heard. give a child at the beginning a lollipop for cleaning their room (or even trying to clean their room), you end up with a clean room (or a tidy adult) with out needing to reward every time once the beginning has started. although praise is still appreciated.
    give a horse a treat when done well, they'll try again to get another, untill trying to please has become automatic. just sometimes you need to reward to say 'yes thats what i want'
    if the horse has been good for a whole ride, and tried really hard, they get 'free time' out the back. bit of a canter-hoon (not wildly) over a few jumps, slpash in the creek, up and down banks. as well as ill slip in a few oats or carrots or something rewards as soon as we get back to the house.

  6. crave

    crave Well-known Member

    A soft voice and lovely big strokes down his neck, also after a great ride his absolute love is a scratch under the tail - goes all dopey. I'm a great believer of keeping rewards simple, horses arent rocket scientists!

  7. Tam

    Tam Well-known Member

    Thats so true crave, i said to my friend on Sunday that i'd love to get inside a horses head to see what they think then I changed my mind cos I think i'd probably be disapointed with what i'd find!! I think there thought processes are often simpler than what we envisage
  8. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    I'd love to know what goes through a horses head while their happily eating in the paddock...I swear its elevator music...watch a horse next time and you'll agree...


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