Equity Vaccine for mares

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by PP'sgirl, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. PP'sgirl

    PP'sgirl New Member

    Hi guys

    Has anyone had any expereince of Equity for mares? I am aware that it has the contraindication that it is not suitable for mares that are intended for breeding, but I was wondering if anyone has used it and what the results were like. Also very keen to hear about alternatives.:}

    Have used herbs with a marked improvement in behaviour but still a liitle fruit loop during her special time ha ha ha

    thank you so much in advance. This is quite a big decision and I woudl really appreciate any knowledge/experiences that can assist me in making the right choice for me and more importantly her!
  2. pugjoey

    pugjoey New Member

    As far as i am aware it works very well for mares who come into season a lot and whose behaviour becomes ....lets just say difficult. But you must be 100% sure you don't want to breed from her as it will make them infertile.

    It is quite expensive too .....
  3. Rivvy

    Rivvy Active Member

    Go with regumate, can either give orally everyday or injection weekly, makes them lovely ALL the time !!
  4. Tam

    Tam Well-known Member

    I have given my mare the first injection and she will be getting the next one next week. I have my fingers crossed as she is awful during her seasons. I didn't want to have to worry about the oral regumate every day and managed to get the equity injections just before a massive price increase!
  5. PP'sgirl

    PP'sgirl New Member

    My vet also suggested Regumate, so really happy to hear form someone using it .......thanks
    Bit of a pain with the daily dosing though! (only because I agist) but if it comes in weekly injection form that would be great. I did not know it came in injection form- I am assuming that you just got it all from the vet??

    I think that part of my fear iin using Equity is that it my mares behaviour is not hormone related (although we are 95% sure it is!) and that I would have made her infertile when no need to although personally I do not intend to breed from her (only due to some minor confirmation issues).

    Any side effects with Regumate?????

    Good Luck Tam with injection #2. Let me know how your mare goes- be really keen to hear about it. My vet was very positive about the vaccine!
  6. PP'sgirl

    PP'sgirl New Member

    also sorry another question!!

    I have read you give it for 15 days then stop?? I thought my vet had said you give it every day to stop her coming into season?? sorry for all the questions
  7. marinochkawe

    marinochkawe Guest

    What I*read*I really liked it.*Thank you for*your information!

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