Equitana Asia Pacific - Melbourne 19 - 23 November 2003...

Discussion in 'Product & Service Promotions' started by Murray, Aug 11, 2003.

  1. Murray

    Murray Well-known Member Staff Member

  2. C HORSE

    C HORSE Well-known Member

    I wish I was going.
    Is anyone from here going this year??
  3. Tam

    Tam Well-known Member

    I am going for the first time- very exciting!!!! I can't wait, i am saving my pennies at the moment so i can spend up big!!
  4. C HORSE

    C HORSE Well-known Member

    You will have to let us know how it was when you come back..
    (you lucky thing)
  5. Paddys girl

    Paddys girl Well-known Member

    yeah a whole group from our pony club are going. I'm not, can't afford it :(
  6. Denny

    Denny Well-known Member

    I'm going..... although not for the whole week(??

    Time only alows be to go when the dressage is on... but I'm sure there will be plenty to see!
  7. kt

    kt Active Member

    hey paddys girl wot pony club u from?
  8. Val Perkins

    Val Perkins New Member

    Equitana (at the exhibition centre) and WEC where the horse events are held is only a hour from home.
    Luckily we are competing again this year in the show horse driving championships........ well I assume we are? We haven't received our entry forms yet, it will be held at Werribee Equestrian Centre. We entered last year but it rained so heavily that the arena was just mud so we cancelled the last minute.

    For anyone that hasn't been, it is a great place to pick up some bargains - saddlery, rugs etc. and to see some great horsemen/women in action.
  9. Zahira

    Zahira Well-known Member

    Hi Val,
    I was in Werribee in June for the Melb 3DE, and there was meant to be the driving championships on at the same time on the Sunday, but they were cancelled because of lack of numbers - i had one very disappointed mother on my hands! hehehehe

  10. Val Perkins

    Val Perkins New Member


    Oh thats a shame !!! Harness wise - Barastoc has usually a great turn up in both heavy & light harness.
    Speaking for myself I must admit that if it even threatens to rain or be too hot we cancel with no hesitation as it just isn't worth it getting our valuable vehicles & harness wet just for the sake of a ribbon.
    We got caught out at Werribee (actually Equitana) once before and believe me that red slushy mud sticks like **** to a blanket, it took me 4 full days to get the red mud off my vehilcle and harness, it actually stained my wheels (very peed off) and got into every nook & cranny. So we are very selective on the weather situation at WEC. I bet most harness people are the same.
  11. Zahira

    Zahira Well-known Member

    Yeah my mum was very disappointed. She is into harness and after some time off she has just got herself a little stud book pony and is going to start again. My dad used to refurbish/rebuilt antique sulkies/carts back to original condition and we have that many sets of antique original harness sitting in the shed, suiting anything from ponies to clydies.

    They were holding it indoors, though i know exactly what you mean about that dirt at the WEC.

  12. taylor

    taylor Well-known Member

    I'm going with Fab!!!!!!

    should be a great week!

  13. Denny

    Denny Well-known Member

    Hey Taylor....we'll be there for the dressage as well.... must catch up !!!!!!!!!!
  14. taylor

    taylor Well-known Member

    for sure denny!

    i'm looking forward to it [​IMG]

    *hides credit card until just before i leave!*

    i'm also looking forward to my detour to canberra to see my bestest friend who is over there working! so all in all i will be one happy little vegemite for the whole time - lovely horses, riders, good company [​IMG]

  15. JessiTrist

    JessiTrist Well-known Member

    does anyone know if Equitana is going to come to perth? cos i'd love to go if it were closer to home

    ~To ride a horse is to borrow freedom...~
  16. Nikiwink

    Nikiwink Well-known Member

    i wish it would but i doubt it would come to perth - distance and all that.

    :) Nikiwink :)
  17. ashka

    ashka Well-known Member

    I just booked my tickets and accommodation!!! So excited ... I managed to coerce my b/friend into coming with me - he is going to do the Melbourne thing while I play horses.

    Hey Taylor, my best friend is also in Canberra working (!) and I was desperately trying to get across to see her while I was over east. But, we are only staying for 4 nights coz the boy has to get back to work, so I miss out this time. :(
  18. ashka

    ashka Well-known Member

    Oh, and from what I understand, next year's Equitana might be the last one ... I was told to definitely go to Melbourne over Brisbane (heaps better).
  19. JessiTrist

    JessiTrist Well-known Member

    its a bummer it wont be in perth :( at least Evanescence is going to be coming to Perth! I cant wait! oops, sorry, wrong category! Im just so happy. Dont forget to tell us all how it is at Equitana!

    ~To ride a horse is to borrow freedom...~
  20. taylor

    taylor Well-known Member


    equitana versus wannabe goth top 40 band......

    not a hard choice there!



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