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  1. Jacky Y

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    The ACEHP Tasmanian course is coming to Western Australia on 23rd June 2014
    It will be held at the Dardanup Equestrian Centre till 4th July and then the follow up case studies and assignments will be over the following 12 months. This is a fabulous opportunity to get the education to become a qualified Hoofcare provider and have a interesting career. The need is huge. More information is available www.globelnetacademy.edu.au/courses/hoofcare or call Jen Clingly 0408838198
  2. Jacky Y

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    Hoof Trimming Course

    Unfortunately the two week course at Dardanup in June/July has been cancelled. However we are offering a two day Trimming Clinic with Basic trimming on Saturday 28th June, and more advanced trimming on Sunday 29th June.
    Contact me for more information and forms.
    Email jacky.ynema@westnet.com.au
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    Back feet

    I've starting working on a clydie cross, the owner has let me know that he's got a bit of a problem with picking up his back feet, he seems scared when she does it.
    I spent about an hour today picking up his back feet and holding them for a few second but after a few seconds he will put them down again.. He doesn't seem scared when I pick them up, just doesn't want to keep it up for any length of time.
    Wondering if anyone has any tips on what his problem may be, is this him being lazy? Not being able to balance himself properly? And if he is worried about his feet being picked up, how overcome his fear?
    Should I just continue as I am, asking him to pick it up, over and over with a break after about fifteen minutes.. ? Should I be picking up his foot and making him hold it up for me?
    Any tips would be great...
  4. Jacky Y

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    Picking up feet

    Does he slam them down as if he is in pain? I work with the horse and encourage them to just prop the back foot with out picking it up first. Try cleaning it with a hoof pick while it is propped so he gets used to you handling it, I use a rope and encourage him to pick it up then put it down and gradually work longer and longer and keep him relaxed. Try and release before he snatches. Is he worse on one side or the other? You may have a pain issue. They may be happier to bring it forward and hold it up that way. Work slowly and give the horse time to think about what you are doing. Stay safe always and don't get into a fight because you won't win. Mostly its a matter of working slowly and and reward a try. don't expect to succeed in one session.

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