Equine Bodywork

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  1. Whatever your goals for you and your horse in 2014, KW Equine Services can help you start out on the right hoof. Whether you ride for pleasure or competition, your horse?s health and happiness is essential. Ensure your horse is feeling tip top as you begin the New Year and book him in for bodywork.

    KW Equine Services offers a range of modalities including:

    Sports Massage
    Myofascial Release
    Photonic Red Light
    Gait Assessment
    Conformation/Posture Assessment

    KW Equine Services is also available to travel to country areas for group bookings.

    To find out more how we can help your horse, visit KW Equine Services | Sports Massage, Red Light Therapy and MFR or email kwequineservices@hotmail.com

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