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Discussion in 'Open Discussions' started by Kyara, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. Nattyh

    Nattyh Guest

    Oh dear. Thanks Erika.
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  2. abb77

    abb77 Well-known Member

    dang!! stupid footie playing at the same time! haha well im glad she went well. Julia went well and her horse is so careful
  3. Erika Roberts

    Erika Roberts Active Member

    I sadly had to remove myself from the tv so I missed all the other riders! There was 4 riders and best 3 scores count! I saw the Aussie rider after Matt who went clear with no faults but missed the last 2 riders so not sure how they went :-( thank goodness it's all recorded lol
  4. Nattyh

    Nattyh Guest

    James just went thru then Erika - 4 penalties.
  5. Deb2

    Deb2 Guest

    I just changed over to see the last snippet of James (I think). It looked like he has a snaffle on his horse, but with two sets of reins. Is that incase one set breaks, or was it not a snaffle?
  6. Faxie

    Faxie Well-known Member

    I was wondering that too Deb? was one running through the martingale and the other not? Not in reference to our Aussies but some of the headgear is very disappointing to see IMO. ';' That Mexican rider was pull kick pull kick.. and his horse had major displaced behaviour in his mouth.. and this is the worlds best?!#(

    Edwina's horse looks like a really nice boy who enjoys his job, lovely partnership there.
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  7. Eoroe

    Eoroe Gold Member

    Does anyone know how to gewt the BBC player working on your Ipad? :D

    I really really need to lie down....arggggh.
  8. abb77

    abb77 Well-known Member

    go james! woo
  9. abb77

    abb77 Well-known Member

    no soz :( my mum tried to through the expat shield but it didnt allow/wouldnt work
  10. Erika Roberts

    Erika Roberts Active Member

    Did anyone see the Swedish girl fall off that grey horse! The horse was not a happy camper from the moment it entered the arena :(
  11. Eoroe

    Eoroe Gold Member

    success!!! :) juuuust in time for it to finish :p .............
  12. Nattyh

    Nattyh Guest

    Oh no! Bad luck Eoroe. There's always tomorrow :))
  13. farfromhome

    farfromhome Well-known Member

    Sj on 9 now!!!
  14. Nattyh

    Nattyh Guest

    Totally awesome for Edwina :))
    Equal 1st after two rounds. Not a bad spot to be in.
    A shame for Hargreaves but not the end of the world I guess - and what an magnificent looking pair!
  15. eventingchild

    eventingchild Well-known Member

    I would love for Australia's next gold medal to come from Edwina!
  16. Nattyh

    Nattyh Guest

    Can anyone tell me if this means Australian team is out now because they didn't qualify in the top 8?
    Thank you
  17. ShowjumpKid4Eva

    ShowjumpKid4Eva Well-known Member

    Deb & Faxie, it looked like a running gag to me? I like the idea myself, means he can ride 90% of the time on the snaffle rein and then if his horse gets too excited he has the extra strength there to get the turn/stride anyway. SJ horses at that level, SJ horses more than eventers in fact, can be very very hot and hard to handle. There is a reason why Hickstead (as an example) went in a snaffle plus hackamore.

    edit; Not that I've ever ridden a horse that competes at that level!! I was very impressed with the few riders whose horses WERE in snaffles, that speaks of very very good riding to be able to jump such insane heights and take the water jump at a gallop and then collect back up for a right angle turn into a very large fence (can't remember which lol just the line to it) for which the horse needs to be collected. I doubt I would be able to do that, even with smaller fences & my snaffle-all-3-phases event horse!
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  18. kp

    kp Well-known Member

    We didn't qualify for the team event, but qualified three riders for the individual. I think.
  19. TBPA

    TBPA Well-known Member

    What a feast of showjumping over the weekend and again tonight!!

    The brits looked great! as did our Edwina. I think the Saudias are going to crumble once the fences go up their horses are clearly fantastic but some of their riding has a bit to go.
    Quite a shock that France and germany didn't get in to the team final. Our whole team actually did us proud last night just pipped out by slightly better performances.

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