End of an era..Catherston Stud to be sold

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  1. primrosecourt

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    Although it comes as no suprise it is still very sad to hear that the world renowned Catherston Stud home, to Jennie and Antony Loriston-Clarke and their dynasty of international Dressage stallions are closing their gates and selling off all their stock.

    Catherston Stud helped shape British Dressage and put the sport on the map for the UK and the whole family and line of home bred super stars will be sadly missed.

    Together with leading vet Twink Allen they pionneered breeding techniques that we know today and whilst I was there, were way ahead of most other studs with their Frozen Semen collections and AI's.

    Jennie was a remarkable horse women having trained and competed to Olympic level in Dressage,trained and ridden at Advanced level in Horse Trials,show jumped aswell as trained and ridden Point to Pointers.Her stallions were expected to jump and do dressage and this they did regularly.It was very inspiring being around such a true horse women.
    Jennie has been Chef d' Equipe on countless occasions for the British Young Rider team and has helped train and move on/forward the young rider scale in Britain with some amazing results.

    Her passion didnt stop there either as she was and still is a highly regarded Native pony judge and is asked to attened shows (aswell as lecture at seminars) all over the world.
    Jennies knowledge is truely unique.

    It holds a special place in my heart as I was a student at Catherston Stud in the mid to late 1990's and learnt so much from Jennie and her staff.I was given amazing opportunitys from competeing one of their stallions to looking after many of their youngstock and learning the art of starting horses properly undersaddle.Even being offered brilliant jobs in Europe after I had left the stud; it really set me up for life and I will be eternally grateful for that.

    Luckily for me I still many photos/videos as well as memories of my Catherston days and I will always remember my time there fondly.

    Funnily enough I had already decided to use a one of their old time favourites this season,Olympic medalist Dutch Gold and so this resulting foal will be even more special to me.

    For breeders and dressage followers one of the most exciting GP stallions to have climbed the ranks in Australia, who's Dam 'Desert Gold' was by Dutch Gold was the super champion stallion Richmead Medallion.

    Happy Retirement to JLC, a long deserved one indeed.:))

    Jennie Loriston-Clarke to Sell Her Catherston Stud | eurodressage
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  2. Eoroe

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    Oh no :( that is sad to hear...so much history and influence - wonderful on both extents **)
  3. Happy Gambler

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    What very sad news, indeed the end of an era :(

    I have wonderful memories, photos and videos of Jennie riding a camel at our stables and teaching me on my then very green stallion who couldnt manage a whole 20m circle in canter but went on to great things.

    She taught beginners and advanced riders alike with the same enthusiasm and was an inspriation to watch.

    Good wishes for a long and happy retirement - very well deserved :))
  4. ASH lover

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    Jennie was a wonderful horsewoman and the Catherston Stud was a mere stones throw away from my childhood home.

    I just hope that the stud is not bought by some absentee landlord like wealthy US businessman or Sheik, but goes to someone that has the same passion and devotion to the sport that the Loriston Clarke's had....

    They must be getting on in years and both deserve a well earned retirement...
  5. Babe

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    Have never met Jennie...but I hold dear a book of hers on Training Young Horses...have always been in love with her stallions:)
  6. primrosecourt

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    If she ever does come to Perth (or elsewhere in Australia) you really must try to go and watch her as she is truely one of the greatest ppl to listen to and learn from.She is very amusing apart from anything else.....

    I have many old videos which I still refer to if I am stuck on something or just need a reminder.
    A lovely book I have of hers is the biography 'Going Forward' Its a lovely tale and good ready indeed.
  7. Babe

    Babe Well-known Member

    Thanks primrose! I would definitely make the trip down if she did come this way...I wonder if she would?**)
  8. primrosecourt

    primrosecourt Well-known Member

    Possibly now she has a little more free time? I shall try and do abit of 'finding out'*#)

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