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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by fishiz3434, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. nannygoat

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    I have enquired about this situation abi - and there were VERY exceptional circumstances why the one rein stop was used on this occasion.

    The ACDS and in particular the people that you have mentioned - DO NOT EVER recommend a one rein stop.

    It puts all concerned in a very dangerous situation. I would strongly suggest that you attend another training day as you have obviously misinterpreted the information and need to learn the correct procedures..
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  2. kp

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    Thanks for confirming that NG.
  3. Going round in circles

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    I have been in the harness industry for 18 yrs (racing training breaking) and would NEVER ask for a one rein stop or work a horse without a bit.

    You could do:
    1 a half one rein stop so horse head neck turned to side but pressure on both reins risk tipping cart or shaft braking and ripping into neck or side of horse do not recommend if you don't have the experince
    2 if in safe area and have steering let the horse run
    3 cadence(sp) give and pull of the reins one at the time in sink with hind legs so you individual apile the breaks to hide legs
    4 if all as fails give the horse is head then throw your weight back on the reins and sit him on his arse.

    For these methods you need to use a bit.
  4. Deb2

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    We have all taken the time to share our knowledge, in the hope that the OP can create a safer setup for her pony.

    It would be really nice if she would pop back into this thread, as I still have the sour taste in my mouth from her last visit!!!';'
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    if a cart can be lifted up by one person its obviously one of those nasty cheappo ones that should not be used anyway.

    just re - read my original post and I never mentioned any names
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    You DID write thier names and I asked Admin on their behalf to delete them and will do again.

    You are incorrect in your beliefs and lessons with experienced people is never money wasted. You show your arrogance/ignorance by posting as such.
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