Electric Windsuck collars?

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by leah, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. leah

    leah Well-known Member

    Has anyone had any experiance with these? Or know how they work. Jays mare is a cronic windsucker who must have a collar on at all times unless he is right beside her. I have an oppourtunity to try one of these but dont really know much about them. She currently uses both the miracle collar and the basic metal sucker.
  2. samm

    samm Gold Member

    A lady over east was using one and she said they were great.
    Stopped her mare who was chronic ,from sucking.
  3. SMR

    SMR Well-known Member

    I've used one and found it to be effective.

    There's another thread from a couple of months ago - might be worth searching for it ;)
  4. leah

    leah Well-known Member

    Thanks fro that I searched the old threads......... Still not sure what to do as she is a very reactive mare, with huge separation anxiety... I dont want to make her worse.
  5. flash

    flash New Member

    My trainer had one a while ago (come to think of it - haven't seen it recently, hmm!), it depended on the horse, one of the ponies couldn't care less about the shock and somehow managed to figure out how to windsuck WITHOUT getting shocked...no idea how he managed that!

    Worth a try though I reckon!
  6. SMR

    SMR Well-known Member

    I wasn't sure how my boy was going to react and so I held the leadrope the first time I put the collar on (the situations when he windsucks are quite predictable) and he didn't batter an eyelid (he is an over-reactive horse to put it politely ;) ).
  7. Laury

    Laury New Member

    They would have to be better than the old spike type. About 25 years ago Mums horse was a windsucker & we tried the spiked collar - all he did was wear four holes in his neck..

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