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Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by Fezzie, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Pintaloosa

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    I'm sorry if someone has already asked this, but I am looking to swap my horses feed to this. How much do you feed a day? I've looked on their website and I couldn't find any of that information, so could someone with a bag of it look it up for me? Thanks :)
  2. katie16

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    How mang kg's is your horse? Is he in light wokr/spelling etc? Are you feeding any other fibre with it?
  3. LissaniskaGirl

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    Just found this thread as it has been suggested to me to give Speedibeet to my mare who is prone to significant weight gain but has also been having a sore bloated gassy stomach.
    She is on pasture but it's mature low sugar stuff as she's previously had laminitis and aside from the bloating is doing well.
    Someone said she might actually be lacking in fibre because the grass is so mature it is hard to digest and this could be causing the bloat.

    I feed her twice a day but only a scoop of oaten chaff in each meal to mix her supplements into.

    I checked the nutritional info and oaten chaff has much higher fibre content to speedibeet so should I stick with the oaten chaff for fibre?
    Or am I reading correctly here that although speedibeet has much lower fibre it is more easily digested fibre than chaff so works out better as a fibre supplement?

    Speedibeet also has much higher energy levels than chaff so that also makes me nervous feeding it to her as the last thing she needs is to gain any weight!

    Thank you in advance for your reply! :)

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