Dung Beetles

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Saiorse, Nov 24, 2007.

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    I haven't stopped picking up manure, but I leave nice juicy looking ones that they are already breaking down around for several days before I pick them up, then I leave a few others that are looking nice and juicy :)
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    Hi Zola

    I don't think dung beetles of all species are all over the country yet. They were imported into areas by local landowners and have spread from those points, some places more extensively than others. It's possible you have different species from up here, and they may become active a bit later, or maybe it's just not hot enough there yet for the species that are active in this area :)
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    **) **)

    We have dung beetles!
    Not many yet, and theyre still only in the paddock, havent made their way to the horse yards yet, but theyre here.

    I went out into the paddock the other day to kick some $h!t around before it dried out, and lo and behold I seen 'em with my own eyes!

    So I only have to worry bout the yards now.

    And luckily we dont have the Ibi' to worry 'bout, and anyway I dont have a lungeing whip:D

    How everyone elses populations going?
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    yay! i love dungbeetles. those guys rock. they seem to have come in late this season (either that, or the flies have just come in super early). i am VERY glad to be seeing the little tykes too - there was a while there when my horse's poo was INUNDATED with maggots - can you believe it? disgusting.

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