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  1. http://www.dressagedisgrace.com/

    This site has just been created to maximise the attention hyperflexion/rollkur is currently getting, particularly since the "blue tongue" incident was captured on film.

    Jayne Lavender stands against animal abuse and cruelty, such as hyperflexion, tight nosebands, harsh bits, kicking horses and the list goes on and on...

    If you have not already voiced your objection and feelings about the recent equine abuses caught on camera (The Norseman Horse Killer, Blue Tongue etc.) I urge you to take a little time to do so.

    "The indifference, callousness and contempt that so many people exhibit toward animals is evil first because it results in great suffering in animals, and second because it results in an incalculably great impoverishment of the human spirit." Ashley Montague :(
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    Thank you Jayne, for starting this website. **)
  3. Chazot

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    Ban Rollkur Petition

    We hope the many of you that oppose the brutal Rollkur hyperflexion will sign the petition that is being sent to the FEI.

    Jean Luc Cornille of scienceofmotion.com will be releasing his latest information on Rollkur on his newsletter "Drowning The Fish" the affects and what we can do to stop the usage...as it does take a village.

    Jean Luc is a trainer,scientist, author and states, There is a better way".
    To learn more on him and what he is doing worldwide on reeducating horses and riders, read his bio at :About Jean Luc Cornille biography

    It takes many voices to stop abuse but each voice can be heard.....and the worst abuse is ignorance.
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    OK .. rolkur is terrible ... and i would never be an advocate for adopting it in my training.

    but why call your website dressage disgrace?

    thats not fair for the majority of the dressage riding population who treat their horses with respect and with the dignity they deserve and therefore produce beautiful, proud dancing horses.

    i can think of many, many other training techniques used around the world that are just as cruel and continue to be used behind closed doors. why this sudden hit on the dressage community?
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    Have to agree, rollkur originally started in show jumping...Alwin Schockemöhle a famous German show jumping rider used it in the 1970's
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  6. Firstly, thanks Chillout, but I did not create this website. I am following the issue, and posting updates from around the world.

    Here is the letter sent to the FEI by the British Horse Society; http://www.bhs.org.uk/Press_Centre/BHS_News/~/media/MainSite/Press%20Centre/Main%20News/Princess%20Haya%20text.ashx

    I am personally uninterested in who invented Rollkur. It is abuse.

    There are several petitions people can sign, and lots of other websites dedicated to either banning such practices, or promoting good Horsemanship. I will continue to link those on my Twitter status or Website & Facebook. **)

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    just because there is abuse in other disciplines of horse riding doesn't warrant dropping this one. You have to start somewhere.

    Especially the majority of dressage riders who treat their horses with respect should be interested in tackling the abuse in their chosen discipline.

    You can't continue pointing to other people, saying 'they are bad too, start criticizing them first'. We'll never get anything done that way. Why not take a stand against all abuse?
  8. alexander

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    I am cetainly not suggesting that we don't pursue the dressage crowd..I think you will find my signature on many of the petitions! ;)

    I just don't like any form of abuse and don't want to limit it to dressage, I have made previous comments on this forum about soreing on saddlebreds in the US as well. :))
  9. Pro-Rollkur

    "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and consciencious stupidity." - Martin Luther King, Jr.


    Yes, there is a petition to maintain hyperflexion... Click on "Signatures" and read some comments. Certainly a few are false and some names fraudulent, however it's insight into who shares our planet... :(

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  11. http://www.horse2rider.eu/Webnodes/en/Web/CMS/Nyheder/Patrik%20Kittel%20om%20dressurdebatten

    Kittel speaks.
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  13. Excellent article, Chazot. There have been so many terrific links flying at us these past few weeks, since the "blue tongue" disgrace, we have had to heavily filter what we look at. Heather Moffat has been a useful source if information, she is very dedicated to this issue, however with multiple updates from her daily, we cannot post all here. Therefore I appreciate additions to this thread of links like this. We are trying not to overload it's followers with too much information. :))

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    Sorry for butting in but basically I know diddly squat about dressage however I watched the You Tube footage of the stallion at the WC with is tongue hanging out and blue... very horrific and that horse in the most unatural outline. I have read a little on the classical dressage training... why do they not follow the old masters? I quite obviously need a little education!!
    edited to say that man riding that stallion is a disgrace.
  15. Anky defends her use of rollkur



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