Downhill Dressage?

Discussion in 'Training Horses' started by dopeyqh, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. dopeyqh

    dopeyqh Active Member

    Hi all,

    Quick question as I'm not quite sure about what's the most accurate truth, I've heard different things!

    My horse is a downhill Appy X, around about 16hh and reasonably chunky with big hindquarters and huge shoulders.

    My preference of discipline lies in dressage, however I'm not sure whether it would be worth me getting an expensive instructor out to work with us if he'll be incapable of being able to do the work.

    I have attached a photo of him to show his build, but my question is: Can downhill horses train in dressage? I have worked with a trainer for years on more of a horsemanship basis however have never specialised in a discipline, however I feel that dressage would compliment me as a rider.

    I have no goals for canter pirouettes or anything crazy, simply getting him working properly towards better balance and getting him off the forehand and towards collection eventually would be my goals as a rider.

    Anyway here he is, any answers would be appreciated!

  2. He is not that bad! What are you on about?';' there are BY FAR more downhill horses out there.*#)
    You will find if he drops a bit if weight it will come off his butt first, and that will even him out.:D
  3. myyky

    myyky Well-known Member

    I think the basis of every competition horses training should be 'dressage' to some extent.. If your goals are to have him lighter on the forehand, working nicely etc, I can't see why he can't do it. He doesn't look that drastically downhill to me, compared to some who manage to get around a prelim with a decent score.

    I'm pretty sure someone on here has an appy x who is somewhat downhill, but she does dressage, XC etc. to a reasonable level :)
  4. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    Go for it dopeyqh :). Dressage is all about training and partnership! Self carriage and engagement etc are all things you train and teach a horse...some horses can find this more physically easier than others but with training you can always improve this and get the horse to perform the best it can! And that is what dressage is all about. :)
  5. Diana

    Diana Gold Member

    I don't think you have anything to worry about... I think it's entirely possible to teach dressage to practically any horse *#) because really that's kind of what you want from any horse you ride. So even if it doesn't look exactly like the purpose-bred warmbloods with crazy big movement and stuff, it's still good.

    And yeah, he's not that downhill *#)*#)

    What retroremedy said!!!

    And if you're wanting it to help your riding, it's probably more beneficial to have more of a challenge ;)
  6. Jordy D

    Jordy D Active Member

    There is a Western Dressage group starting up, a intro day is at Foxwood Farm in Wattle Grove on the 7th of July. From what I have been told they want a low head set? ';' not sure if this would apply to you? My Quarter Horse is built down hill, he would be 15.2 on the wither and 15.3/16 on the hip, the lady who is starting this group is wanting me to join but I just stick to my western. I can give you her details if you are interested.
  7. wawa85

    wawa85 Guest

    You don't have anything to worry about DQ! My Part Arabian mare is more downhill than him and she can do dressage :)
  8. dopeyqh

    dopeyqh Active Member

    Thanks so much everyone! Yeah I never thought he was that bad but I have had someone tell me how downhill he was like he was the worst thing they'd ever seen! So it's good to know he isn't too bad.

    And thankyou for the offer JordyD but I'm over in Victoria! So I wouldn't be able to make it.

    Fantastic to hear that it's possible, thank you all! Will get onto it straight away and be posting progress pictures soon hopefully! :D
  9. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    Hey there is the clod hopper :) I was going to say he was looking good and then I recognised the dog in the photo lol. You need new pics for us to see :)
    Dressage training never does anything but benefit the horse. Go for it beautiful. You will do well.
  10. JustJam

    JustJam Well-known Member

    Hey there Dopey! :hug:

    Well, I'm going to play Devils Advocate and be mean! :lol:

    Yes, he is a bit downhill and I'm sure you, and anyone looking at the pic, can see that.

    However, having said that, there is no reason you and he can't do Dressage! **) You will just have to work a bit harder to encourage him to be 'light and lifted' in front, and he will have to work a bit harder to achieve this. Nuthin' wrong with a bit of hard work! :D

    My boy is quite 'uphill' and I bet you end up doing far, far better Dressage than we will ever achieve! *#)

    Go kick butt girl! :))
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  11. crave

    crave Well-known Member

    That's not down hill .....mine is down hill hahaha. Go for it , we have to work extra hard but am now scoring mid 60's in Novice dressage and training elementary. It is difficult for him but worth it. Great sense of achievement for both of us when we finally can master a new movement :))
  12. Pictures are very deceiving, it depends on the angle they were taken. Your horse is very marginal. If you scroll his pic up and line up his top line with the top of the screen, you would see there is only a very slight gap between the top of his hip and his withers.:D
    And please DON'T take to heart what someone might tell you.
    People who know very little, usually dribble a lot.;)
    He has good withers and angle of the shoulder, he s balanced, I think he would look rather nice rounded up and collected.
    Give him a go, you might be pleasantly surprised!
  13. Topcat

    Topcat New Member

  14. dopeyqh

    dopeyqh Active Member

    Thanks everyone :) I have been in touch with some trainers and hopefully will have some lessons scheduled when I'm back from my holidays! I am very excited to start following my dream! xxx
  15. MissDQ

    MissDQ New Member

    Pssh, I've ridden more downhill than that. As in when she cantered it felt like she was going to fling me over her shoulder with her rear end :blink:

    There is a trainer in the US who had a big Belgian DraftxQHxsomething that was a PMU foal and built downhill and he ended up going FEI after everyone told her he wouldn't be able to do Elementary..
  16. InkibahD

    InkibahD Well-known Member

    Just Do it.
    Mine is 16.1 QH hes not really downhill but hes not up hill either (looks similar to yours)... Its hard work some days... especially when I first got him and now I still have to push him fwd a lot to get him working on his hind end nice but he scores well in prelim... we got several 8's and even a 9 at gidge ODE the other week doing prelim. :) 42.9 penalties which was my PB. absolutely stoked

    Biggest problem I have atm is his lengthen because of the way he's built when he does lengthen its far from impressive but he makes up for it in other aspects of the test and he is still improving. I just need more dressage lessons :)

    Like crave says there is a certain sense of satisfaction when you can train a horse to do things that hes not nessesarily built for, makes the days you do well just that much sweeter

    My boy :)

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  17. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    Love your boys Inki and Crave :D

    very nice critter DQH :D
  18. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    Dopey's beautiful horse was put to sleep following a paddock accident recently. I am sure she would not mind further contributions to this thread but thought I might spare a little pain if people were wanting to know how he was going.
  19. InkibahD

    InkibahD Well-known Member

    Oh poor dopey,

    I am so sorry to hear that was a lovely horse and i'm so sorry that you have lost him :(

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