Double dilutes question.

Discussion in 'Colour Questions' started by Babe the standy ROCKS, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Babe the standy ROCKS

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    I have a little question for you colour buffs, my MIL owns a little palomino mare, quite pale for a pally but definitely not a cremello. My MIL was told that the mare was a double dilute when she bought her, my understanding is that she would be a single dilute as she is palomino and the double dilutes are cremello and perlino. So my question is, can a palomino be a double dilute? I'm just curious is all.
  2. kiraSpark

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    No a palomino is not a double dilute.
    You are correct in your thinking. :)*

    Also, Smokey Creams are also double dilutes - along with Cremellos and Perlinos :)
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  3. mineees

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    lots of people think because mum is palomino, dad is buckskin and baby comes out palomino that baby is double dilute as it has two dilute parents...Its not, it is only a single dilute.And yes Cremello and Perlinos are double dilutes...:)
  4. Tintara

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    I prefer to use the term 'double cream dilute' when referring to cremellos and perlinos (and smoky cream if you think of them as being different to perlinos!!) because it specifies exactly what the dilutions are. Any horse that carries two dilutions ie buckskin and dun, silver and dun etc is technically also a 'double dilute'; granted they're generally referred to as composite dilutes to avoid confusion but they still carry two dilutions ie double dilute.

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