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Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Nanny, Jun 1, 2002.

  1. Nanny

    Nanny New Member

    Hope someone has and idea,,, have just recently bought a new stock horse to ride on our farm. He is 5 year old and absolutely wonderful except he has taken a real dislike to my border collie dog coming out on rides with us. My old horse didn't mine and my dog follows right beside us. My new horse tries to kick the dog and I am afraid that he will connect.
    My dog is very sad cause I have to try him up when we ride out. Thought someone out there may have had a similiar problem???? This new horse is a beautiful ride and very obdient and well schooled. The previous owner didn't have dogs so this is a new problem...
  2. Ali

    Ali Well-known Member

    The horse I owned years ago used to have a similar habit. He wasn't at all scared of dogs but didn't seem to be very impressed if either of my dogs came out for a ride with us. The way I worked to solve it took afew weeks but worked in the end.When I just went out for a ride just at walking pace I got a friend or my husband to walk along with us with our dogs but to have them on leads and at least two or three metres away from us.(out of kicking distance) We did this for afew weeks then I taught my older dog to trot along in front of us instead of behind or next to us.This worked really well then after afew more weeks my horse accepted my dogs next to him. It seemed that my horse felt threatend when the dogs had been next to him and when you think about it an animal attacking a horse would more than likely attack from that position. Also you could try having your dog around when you are just doing things with the horse like grooming, feeding etc. Keep safety in mind at all times though! It will probabley take quite a while but it will be worth it. If your horse isn't really used to dogs it will be quite a task for him, but at least with him being quiet and well schooled this is a big step in the right direction. Good luck.

  3. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    My horse used to be fine with dogs but now he kills them. The first time we caught him was when he was trying to pull down a fence to get to a dog. Even if I tie him up or try to feed him he'll still turn around and trample the dogs to death. Or anything that size, once he attacked a chicken. I'm not sure whats wrong with him I've tried it all, he's broken lead ropes and all to get to the dog. Or if I walk away and pat the dog he flattens his ears and bears his teeth at me when I return and then from then on is alot more grumpy. I hope what ever replys you get could help me too because its getting more dangerous. I love having dogs around but not if its going to get them killed. Goodluck.........
  4. chavi

    chavi Well-known Member

    That sounds a bit scary Arnie! I don't think I could handle that myself!

    I used to take my dog out when I rode a friends horse, because at that stage I had intended to be with this horse for a while. They didn't like each other at all to start with, but very slowly got them used to each others presense. Slow and steady is always the safest way I think.
  5. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    yeh, I'm ok with it. The flattening of the ears and stuff I egnore he's just being stupid. Dogs don't like to come near him so thats good. Anyway good luck again....hope ya sort it out.

  6. icebabie296

    icebabie296 New Member

    I wouldn't worry about your dog getting kicked by your horse, he'll onley do it once!! Then he'll learn that being right behind your horse isn't a good thing. The horse will eventually learn that the dog is ok too. Don't worry our dogs have been kicked before and now they don't go near the horses back end, animals are smart, let them figure it out for themselves.
  7. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Yeh I'm sure the dogs will learn but if my horse is in a crappy mood and he see's a dog in his paddock he was charge across the paddock after the dog and has smashed a fence up b4, oh well he can get used to it in his own time...

  8. Tyne

    Tyne Well-known Member

    hey guys..
    i have a realy funny story..
    well at home where i used to live i would be riding and my rottwheeler who is part crazy but absoloutly beautiful would chace the shaddow as i woulod be riding.. not only when i was riding but always chasing shaddows.
    Hoolie my horse would absolouly freak cause rusty would chase his head shaddow and he would get in front of him... so i got this idea to ride witha tourch one day... he got so tired from running around he never did it when i was riding again but it was rather funny [​IMG] ppl thought he was really mad [​IMG]

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