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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Insurance' started by supersezabell, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. supersezabell

    supersezabell Well-known Member

    Yes that was then we do know what she is now due to her getting larger and older its been so much easier to see the breeds and have had LOTS of people confirm her crosses due to owning those breeds etc and well dur we have owned rotties before as i have said previously i DO know the costs involved but we never had that much with ours.

    As i said it is not a post about peoples opinions on breeding but on insurance.

    And no offence but butt out of my life, it is my choice in the end and how do you know if i havent been in those circumstances and how do you know if i dont already have people who would be interested in taking a pup that i DO know will take them for life? You dont but then again you are parroting on like a know it all who really DOESNT know about me or my situations etc so thanks but no thanks unless you are offering advice on insurance companies dont reply.

    I could say then aswell that all of you that own mares should get them sterilized as many people breed who are not registered breeders and how many of them end up at the knackers or neglected.
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  2. highrail2

    highrail2 Active Member

    OH well sorry you are obviously so well educated on the subject & obviously have been the one to walk through the pound & make a decision on who lives & die's...... my mistake.
    Go ahead breed your bitch I'm sad I'll have to meet her offspring or their offspring on kill day in the future:))
    Oh & as for insurance there is no company that will insure you for loosing a bitch during the whelping of a litter......especially a backyard bred litter of mutts worth absolutely nothing;)
  3. Arab Lover

    Arab Lover Well-known Member

    sorry cant help with this dont have cats and dogs insured
  4. supersezabell

    supersezabell Well-known Member

    Once again thanks for your worthless input, as i said numerous times im after insurance for my dog and cat as any owner is after incase of accident or injury which could happen to them which happens to all animals.

    I was enquiring as to whether insurance companies would cover breeding no they dont which is all i was asking. And if you had read i havent confirmed that i AM breeding her, ive done extensive research into it, i know what breed i would LIKE to put her to but as ive said nothing will be decided for a few yrs and of course depends on what the answer would be after a vet check and score so instead of jumping down my throat maybe learn to read.

    And as to worth nothing thats where you are most definately wrong.
  5. highrail2

    highrail2 Active Member

    Ok I hope you are refering to their worth being emotional value? I highly suspect you paid a fair amount from your dog from a pet shop but that is definately not a good way to assess value, pet shops overcharge excessively;)
    I'm sure you do genuinely love your dog & I'm sure she has a wonderful life with you but please don't for 1 second expect that thats the norm, there's a good chance some of her littermates have allready met their fate at a pound or worse:(
    I hope you don't honestly think my imput was "worthless" as you stated & that it was just a defensive comment, otherwise it would suggest you had little genuine concern or thought for the suffering of dogs?
    If you would like to insure your pets which I think is a great idea then perhaps look into "petplan" they do good insurance.
    Goodluck in your search for insurance.
  6. valdez

    valdez Well-known Member

    I usually keep well out of threads like this but today i am just pushed over the edge. Highrail I agree with you completely and as a person who has had to hold HUNDREDS of dogs/puppies a year while they are euthanised this topic makes me FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All it comes down to is ignorance on a grand scale and the quick buck. When will people learn
  7. highrail2

    highrail2 Active Member

    Valdez I feel for you:( I know what its like to hold a dog that has done nothing wrong other than being born while it drifts off, for me the puppies & old dumped dogs are the worst its a total waste of life, I've seen many a ranger choke up while holding a dog they've spent the week gaining its trust & then have to restrain it while it tries to escape the needle#(
    I think the OP is a good person she was perhaps just misguided & wasn't aware of the enormity of the issue & fingers crossed she insures & desexes her loved bitch**)
  8. supersezabell

    supersezabell Well-known Member

    I actually didnt pay a lot for her, yes i mean emotional value and i did also go to shelters when i decided everything was ready to get a dog but there was not one that i found that suited me, my lifestyle and the other things i had for my checklist as ive stated previously i am normally very anti pet store but she was one of those true one in a million puppies that i saw that suited me and what i needed temperament, size etc wise and i wouldnt trade her for the world.

    Im also far from a person who would breed for a "quick buck" and already know who i would give the remaining puppies to if and when the time came.
  9. Mufasa

    Mufasa Active Member

    Pregnacy - Maybe you shouldnt of mentioned it in the first post.
    It may have stopped all the conflict.
    Take it from all of us Registered breeders and rescue/rehoming people DESEX the dog.
    No amount of STUDY can help you have a litter of pups.
  10. supersezabell

    supersezabell Well-known Member

    Its not only study i do have hands on experience and it was a genuine question to whether it was covered or not due to the subject of my thread being about insurance... or should people just not ask questions?
  11. highrail2

    highrail2 Active Member

    Definately ask away:) the forum is here for advice & we're all trying to give it, its not a personal attack on you as a person ( even though it may seem that way) its just that we have seen the repurcussions from breeding dogs where a good life is statistically not in their favour, & we are all trying to steer you away from that choice, in the end it is genuinely your decision but if you do decide to go ahead & breed her then you need to know the risks associated & that you WILL be contributing to the pet overpopulation crisis, don't forget its not just her puppies but its all of her puppies puppies & so on & on & on.
  12. jamk9gg

    jamk9gg New Member

    *#) have to give my advice sterilize! sterilize! sterilize!:D To all that have a beloved mutt, or two or three or.....:p RESCUE a puppy if your desire is so strong . Save the ones already on this planet dont add to it**) Anyone interested in a lovely female c.spaniel@) ?

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