Does anyone know my old horse???

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  1. nag

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    was sargent a bay gelding standardbred, and I remember sandy, only bill I know was a chestnut TB
  2. Handydandyrandy

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    Does anyone know a thoroughbred named Ollie??

    - He would be 13/14 now
    - Bay with a blaze and a back sock
    - By Ron Bon & Spearmint Blue
    - Racing name Spearon
    - 15.3hh

    He was a very well trained dressage horse and had a spectacular jump on him but he had a bad habbit of rearing when in new places, nasty rears that stopped us from showing as they were very dangerous.

    I used to ride him and fell in love with him, then the owner sold him onto a lovely lady in bullsbrook, I met up with her and got to have a ride on Ollie as she was selling him and I was going to take him, I lost all her contact details and everything so now I cannot find him anywhere. I have been looking for this horse for 2 years now and am slowing giving up. He was a bit "troubled" so my thoughts are he was PTS.

    I would just like to know how he is going, we made a very strong connection and I wish I knew how he was.
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  3. Georgia

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    Hi Hun, I know this post was from years ago but it's took me that long to locate boyo. George is my uncle and boyo was my horse when I moved over to Australia 10 years ago, I fell in love with him instantly! I remember going down one week for a riding lesson on hazels horse Ben, at the time they had boyo, troy, bronte the Shetland and of course Ben. And next thing I knew boyo was gone, uncle George told me he had been leased out and I had no idea where. I never saw my gorgeous boy again and I don't know where he went or who he is with if he is still with us. He would be 22 now and I would appreciate any help or info you have on him x
  4. TooManyPonies!

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    Hi. I have just bought Woody. Would love to get in contact with you...

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