Does anyone know my old horse???

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  1. goog

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    She has a profile on the forbidden book, maybe send her an email that way?
  2. Que

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    Does anyone know Nixon?
    We got Nixon about 12 months ago from some lovely people who were relocating up north, they were unaware of his past as they bought him from the Mundijong sales at some point?
    Nixon is approx 13yrs old & has large splints below both knee's, he is only sound for light riding ( he gives the very occasional pony ride here ).
    He is much loved & has a home for life with us but we would love to know any history about him, he seems to have been quite well educated.



  3. Diana

    Diana Gold Member

    I sent a friend request......nothing yet *#) :(
  4. Tommy'sPal

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    I was wondering if anyone had any information on a 15/16 year dark bay thoroughbred gelding. Race name was Mr.Howell and stable name was Howie but I believe it was changed to Oscar. His branding is 3DW left shoulder and 12 over 6 right shoulder. He is around 16+ hh and is very sweet. From the story that I got he was sold after the lady fell pregnant then his new owner fell pregnant and sold on.

    Would love to see Howie/Oscar same as my grandfather who is sadly losing his memory. As Howie/Oscar was his race horse that he owned and trained.

  5. nag

    nag Well-known Member

    hi que we know this pony he was owned while ago by malyn and my daughter rode him for a yr took him to couple of shows and my daughter put some education into him, his name was toffee when we had him but lady who brought him while ago called him nixon, got some pics some were i'll find them, good to see him again we miss him
  6. Diana

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    I'm just feeling curious about my boy Koda's history. I know the story pretty much back to when he was 2.5y.o :) (Cheers Coda Cowgirl!!)

    He was at Premier Park for sale on behalf of someone else, so it wasn't PP who actually had him up for sale....

    So here's a picture :) he was born in 97 (going by his buckskin assoc. rego) & has four socks & a star & snip. His registered name is Mansavine Golden Nuggett.

    He's got a huge character & apparently as a young horse he was pretty undergrown.

    But this is him now (or a month or so ago)...

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  7. wattle6180

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    Love the ad!! 2yo Allrounder that jumps :eek:

    Mind you, at that price, my Limehill pony investors will be super-happy!!
  8. Que

    Que New Member

    Thats great to hear a bit about his past :)* I would love some pic's !
    He is living the life of leasure here & is best friends with our donkey Louise ;)
    Do you think Malyn may know his breeding?
  9. nag

    nag Well-known Member

    no his brands weren't clear enough, we think he had bit welshie in there some-where, malyn brought him from mundijong sales and lady u prob brought him from actually bought off malyn for her daughter, i was there when that happened as my daughter had to ride him 1st before her daughter got on, found some pics, just need to upload them my daughter rode him in 09 for malyn (she didn't have a rider for him till i went there)
  10. nag

    nag Well-known Member

    my daughter brooke and toffee ( her stockyard name is toffeelover)
    baldivis ODE
    and me helping with education too
  11. nag

    nag Well-known Member

    anything else u liked to know just pm me can give u malyn number too
  12. CCDC

    CCDC Well-known Member

    Wondering if anyone knows who owns or anything on the following ponies.

    Kinsbrook Fine China
    Yahweh Jireh Michael
    Parilla Petite
    Yahweh Jireh Simon
    Mattama Park Thomas

    Thanks guys :)*
  13. Ali

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    I just clicked on the link to that ad and now wish I hadn't! The poor thing looked so skinny and it wasn't even quite 2 years old and its under saddle :( :( Some people!!
  14. Clerrt

    Clerrt Well-known Member

    profile on C*******I looks like she still has him (from 16 months to 3 yrs of age)....sorry...
  15. RustyRidge Clydesdales

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    Thanks for the replies and PMs yep Sharon tried to call she doesn't answer and also tried to text and email with no response. Have had a PM saying that he was sold, but would still like to know where and how he is. Have tried to add her on FB but haven't had a response yet.
  16. Nickelodeon

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  17. myyky

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    Awesome. :eek:
  18. wattle6180

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  19. Going round in circles

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  20. sherreem

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    hi i have nancys email address will contact her an see if she still has him or if she gave him back. if she did i will ask her to try to contact the girl and get nancy to try to find out where he is for you.

    fingers crossed

    ETA::: ok email sent, will let you know the reply as soon as i have it.
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