Do you choose to wear a helmet or choose not?

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by purplepony, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. LittleTM

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    never used to until I got my current horse. bought her as a begginner horse to share with my then 9 year old daughter. unreg QH mare... brought her home and found out that she had an attitude problem and didn't like being told what to do (hmmm sounds similar to me- oh the irony) and bucked me off on the third ride cause she wanted to canter and I wanted to stop. lucky the grass was up and thick and I only got bruised. went and brought myself the helmet when I'd healed up. (also did a few other things to address the attitude and make her understand *I* am boss mare) and now never ride without it. Haven't fallen off her again though *yay*
    the kids have always had a helmet because that what riders wear';' (guess the horse shows had an impact when I was saving up for my horse) but the worst thing their horse has done is stand there when they want her to go.

    interesting someone said that some camp drafters don't wear helmets... the last competition I went to, all the competitors wore a helmet in the arena- I was under the assumption that they couldn't compete without a helmet. sitting in the camp was another story though- akubras galore
  2. BitBankAustralia

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    really? I have read a report from the Australian Standards that suggested some of the GPA's tested did not meet that standards they are stamped with (as they are not batch tested on manufacture). Personally, I am not a fan, and you are not permitted to go XC in a GPA in the UK as they are not a high enough standard.

    Look for a Kitemarked helmet to find one that IS batch tested.
  3. kiraSpark

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    Are you in WA?
    Of a draft with 200 competitors, I could maybe name 5 that wear a hard hat. Everyone else is in an Akubra.
    It is not compulsory for adult campdraft competitors to wear a hat hat - yet. I do believe that will come, though.
    The only people who HAVE to wear a hard hat at a campdraft is juniors and juveniles.
    Im the secretary of a campdraft club here in WA.
  4. Telstar

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    My personal choice is that if I am riding OR handling a horse, The helmet goes on.

    I was never allowed to ride without a helmet when I was younger, and after working at a horse stud and handling stallions for a few years this point was just further drilled into me.

    I was about 18 years old when I was leading a broodmare out of a paddock, The other mares got stirred up and she pulled the lead rope from my hands before spinning around and double barreling me to the head. Thankfully I was able to call for help on the 2-way radio that was compulsory to be carried on us at all times while working with the horses.

    I ended up with a completely shattered nose, two broken eye sockets, a broken cheek bone, fractured skull across my forehead and a pretty fantastic gash across my nose/forehead. Yes..this was WHILE I was wearing a helmet which caused the majority of the blow to glance off. If I had not been wearing that annoyingly over padded thing that always reminded me of an icecream container I'd almost certainly have ended up severely brain damaged - If not dead.

    Would I ever berate someone else for not wearing a helmet? Of course not.. Its up to everyone to make their own choice on the matter. For me though, I honestly could not come up with a single 'con' for me to not put that helmet on my head when dealing with a large and unpredictable animal. Looking pretty doesn't do you much good if you wind up dead.
  5. cobbie

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    I always wear a helmet, I just do it automatically basically. I have ridden my mare without a helmet (rarely though) as I fully trust her but who's to say she won't trip over, that is after all how a Perth rider died not that long ago.

    I have no problems wearing a helmet so will continue to do so **)
  6. LittleTM

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    No North east vic. don't quote me though... I was just a spectator drooling over the horses and noticed people doing alot of swopping hats for helmets and vice versa depending on whether they were going into the camp or had finished. I just made some assumptions.
  7. abb77

    abb77 Well-known Member

    me - helmet for riding, lunging
    i love my helmet anyway :)
  8. ringo24

    ringo24 New Member

    I always wear a helmet when riding as you never know when something might go wrong.
  9. snoopydoo

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    I ALWAYS wear a helmet to ride. wouldn't consider riding without one. I just go a new helmet and even though it's black, it's so light and has great veltilation, I hardly know I'm wearing it, even in the heat. :)* I cold easily wear it all day without any trouble.

    was brought up in the UK to wear helmets when lunging though I've lost this habit now. I do handle young horses and wear a helmet if I'm even slightly unsure handling them. Even so, a few weeks ago, I was working with 1 of my girls and she to reared up. Her front hoof caught me on the side of the head. I wasn't wearing a helmet this time. I was so lucky I only got a graze and headache and nothing worse. I won't be complacent again. I could easily be lying in a box underground!!
  10. South Boulder Boy

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    I don't have a choice I MUST wear a helmet and vest always when riding and with the amount of times I've been thrown off, almost trampled, flown into the ground from a gallop etc I doubt I would choose not to anyway.

    Although we don't wear helmets at the beach (horses are either swum or gotten on from in wither high water. I feel that with new horses we probably should, I was walking out of the water once leading a boy that was only there for the second time. A wave came and he jumped to be next to the other horse, I didn't move fast enough and the result was him falling over me. he was fully down with me under him in the waves kicking and thrashing. I coped a kick to the head, back, legs and arm and it was the most frightful experience ever. I fully beleive it had of been one of the other horses I probably would be dead. this boy luckily was well behaved and nice, wouldn't ever intentionally hurt you and I only got his blows because he was attempting to get up. (compared to another horse that intentionally kicked out at one of the guys and broke 6 of his ribs but thats another story)

    Because of this for the first time in 20 years we altered our methods slighty but that's just one story of many. Safety equipment is there for a reason and it should always be used! I'm willing to say 90% of people in my industry would be dead if it had not been for safety equipment. Please don't question your lives or luck, just wear a helmet!

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