Do you choose to wear a helmet or choose not?

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by purplepony, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. purplepony

    purplepony Active Member

    Personally, I never ride without, and think anyone who does is a bit *#)

    Thought I would share this video from Courtney King Dye, US Olympic rider, 18 months on after her fall at home, in her arena, from her own horse, in training, on a normal day, without a helmet...

    ‪Courtney King Dye - Riders4Helmets‬‏ - YouTube

    She has recently released a press release stating she plans to compete in para dressage, after she learns to ride the trot again.

    (sorry if I offend anyone, but rider safety is one of my 'things'...)
  2. WheatbeltNic

    WheatbeltNic Active Member

    I hardly ever wore a helmet growing up. Except for competitions where it was compulsory.

    My daughter is not allowed to handle her pony, or enter the paddock without a helmet on her head. My leaner BF has the same rules as my daughter. I even throw a helmet on to ride now.

    Setting a good example for the little ones.
  3. madison

    madison Well-known Member

    Never used to but I don't ride without it now
  4. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Always do!

    And I have a "No Helmet No Ride" rule! If you come onto my property and want to ride, you better have a good clean and safe helmet with you or you will not be riding, no matter how old you are.

    My helmet is treated like a baby. Always in a hat bag and handled with care. If it was to drop off a table I would cut the straps and buy a new one straight away.

    I wear it for a year, cut the straps off and buy a new one.

    I'm very pedantic about the safety of my head!
  5. uno

    uno Active Member

    when my girls were litlle , they were never allowed to ride without a helmet and a body protecter.
    I always wear a hat, even when in harness .
  6. dirtbug

    dirtbug Gold Member

    as a little child i did, as a teen i didnt on my old mare other horses i did...

    as a adult after suffering a head injury after a head on with a tree in a car i most def wear a helmet, i cringe at the thought of any blow to my head....
  7. BitBankAustralia

    BitBankAustralia Well-known Member

    I shared this link on my FB page the other day, the Riders4Helmets campaign is something I strongly support.
  8. myyky

    myyky Well-known Member

    I've only been riding for 18 months, and always worn a helmet since I started, so it feels SO strange not wearing a helmet. I'm guilty of getting off, undoing the chin strap and forgetting to do it up though. But never get on a horse without a helmet.

    I'm WAY to prone to falling off.
  9. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    I never use to.. I don't know why.. stupidity?

    I had a bad fall (and shattered my helmet into a few pieces..) and realised the helmet saved my life.. never got on a horse without one for ages.. even at the beach I'd wear one!

    Then went through a phase of riding without helmets.. I guess because I hadn't fallen in a good 2 years and I was riding horses I trusted? I now wear one.. If I'm riding Bess in from the paddock bareback I don't wear a helmet or if I'm at the beach.. suppose I could still fall of at walk (or canter at the beach) though..
  10. fitgirl

    fitgirl Active Member

    when they make a helmet that doesn't give me a migrane then I'll wear one....
  11. katelol

    katelol Guest

    I never used to wear one when I was a teenager but thats because the helmets then were crap. Not so much helmets as caps. And it was the 80's and I didn't want to squash my big hair :p

    Then the safety helmets became available and they were stupidly heavy, ugly and expensive. So I still didn't wear one and no one else did either.

    Its only in the last 10 years that I wear a helmet (always) and its got a lot to do with the nice, lightweight and comfortable designs that are available now. I probably still wouldn't if they were as uncomfortable as they used to be :eek:

    And while they still aren't cheap they are cheaper than they used to be ;)
  12. Pseudoname

    Pseudoname New Member

    sory fitgirl but thats just utter bullocks.
    if a helmet is giving you severe headaches it doesnot fit.
    go to a sadlery chain and try on a wide range in your size
    when working at riding schools acros the globe, so many people didnot want to use helmets in their actual size (if they have biger heads). a shame thing i guess.
    well get over it, a big helmet is beter than a brain injury.
    if the disabled people at rda manage to all find helmets to fit, with no headaches, then we all can.
  13. Nikiwink

    Nikiwink Well-known Member

    Not having a go i am genuining curious. If thats the case how often would you try on helmets to see??

    I have had too many falls to not wear a helmet now. I wore a show cap on occasion instead of a helmet as a teen at shows but not anymore. I'm even looking at getting one of the airvests to ride in as i have such a problem back. A "good fall" where i don't hurt myself can stuff it up.

    I have a friend who never wore a helmet for a long time - claimed the only time she ever fel off was when she wore one. I'm pretty sure she wears one now as she came off one day due to a saddle girth breaking and went under her horse. Ended up with a fractured spine, split spleen, damaged kidney etc.
  14. Hen

    Hen Well-known Member

    99% of the time yes, wish I could say 100% but I'm not perfect lol. I replace mine every two years (ish) or if I have a bad fall. I am careful, but I'm not safety paranoid, otherwise I'd never get on my horse to start with. I accept the risk and reduce it where practical, beyond that I honestly don't worry too much.
  15. whitepantheress

    whitepantheress Well-known Member

    I had the same issue. I found a really cheap one that actually felt better than the dear ones I tried. Set aside half an hour or an hour to try on heaps at a big saddlery and you may be surprised. Not to harp or anything but same boat, found something that worked, maybe you will too :-D
  16. CDA

    CDA Well-known Member

    I would like to hear from western type people... who ride without one - and their reasoning...

    Also, what do we all think about famous riders and trainers who dont wear one during training?

    eg to name a few - pat parelli, Philippe Karl, Hayley Beresford (as seen on hoofbeats front cover)....?
  17. Hen

    Hen Well-known Member

    I think it's their choice and their own business ;) Doesn't bother me particularly. Every adult ought to be free to make their own decisions about their own safety without citing reasons for their choices.

    Before anyone cries 'role model', your kid's safety is not their responsibility! Kids just have to do as they are told and do what their parents feel is best for them.

    Top hats are acceptable in competition too, which is interesting (dressage only, obviously, cross country in a top hat and tails would be a sight to behold!!!) Haven't seen any safety conscious people get up in arms about that ... yet ... lol!
  18. kp

    kp Well-known Member

    I suffer with migraines also. Doesn't stop me from wearing a helmet. I just makes sure the one I buy fits well and doesnt make me too hot.
  19. purplepony

    purplepony Active Member

    The US has revisted this ruling recently and has made it madatory to ride FEI in a helmet if you are also riding at the lower levels at the same event. More and more FEI level riders are choosing to ride in helmet and tails, and personally I think they should be applauded for that. British Dressage is also reviewing their ruling on helmets.

    The Riders4Helmets campaign was started after Olympic Rider Courtney King Dye suffered her injury and it has the support of many top level riders. in fact, nay have publically come out and stated that since her accident they are now always wearing a helmet. Matthias Rath (Totilas's new rider) is never photographed training at home without a helmet.
  20. SexyRitzy

    SexyRitzy Well-known Member

    Always have worn a helmet and always will.

    Other then the beach :eek: but then again i haven't ridden my horse at the beach. he's not fond of the idea.

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