Do judges need to reset the criteria for hacking?

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Que Sera Sera, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. Cav

    Cav Gold Member

    Well there are a lot of "judges" on the panel who dont do any "judging"!!!!**) (no goodie that isnt aimed at you :) )
  2. Lin

    Lin Well-known Member

    My horse ain't fat. He's just big boned. :D

    The other day I sent the search party in to find Saxon's ribs. I think they are still tunnelling ... :eek:
  3. Merlin

    Merlin Well-known Member

    Thanks:) I judge unofficially only to "give back" to the sport and help my local clubs.

    Cav it is a loveless job, you cannot please everybody all of the time. I do belive there is ALOT of "dead wood" on the panel but for the judges who give up their sunday mornings and TRY to do the right thing**)**)
  4. Cav

    Cav Gold Member

    I totally agree Merlin but it does suck for the competitors when they get the same judge in the same ring at 3 different shows consecutively because the clubs cant get anyone else to judge despite there being the rule about judging too closely between shows & judging the same rings.

    And before anyone asks, YES this did actually happen last year.

    Yes its thankless but I realised also what is the point of me paying my membership to judge at my 3 shows a year (minimum - I was juding up to 6 AND I always took on the country shows as they were always desperate for judges likes geraldton, albany, king river, busselton etc) that pays between $50 and $80 a show to give up my sundays when that doesnt even cover my membershipS (TIMES TWO SHC & EFA) just to judge. I am not competing, just judging yet I get slogged heavily in fees to be a member just to judge, criticised for my judging because you "cant keep them all happy" and spend days in the heat, mud, rain, cold, months of sundays for a sport that is corrupt and dishonest..

    FOR WHAT????

    I even nagged them about becoming a turnout judge as no new turnout judges have been appointed for some time and it is a passion of mine but to no avail....

    Like I said, the whole thing is up the creek.

    But I am happy to judge unofficially as it costs me no memberships to do except a bit of my time and fuel - no pressure there and the competitors usually will ALWAYS have a smile and are keen to learn and listen to any advice you give them and I love doing the breed shows so thats where I still get to put my knowledge out there and give back a bit as well as enjoy myself and the ponies/horses I get to judge.
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  5. Merlin

    Merlin Well-known Member

    Well put Cav **)
  6. Raw Prawn

    Raw Prawn Well-known Member

    Thanks for that post Cav - very interesting insight from the judges point of view.

    The show horse sport really does seem to be up you know what creek without a paddle doesnt it? :(
  7. brumby_78

    brumby_78 Guest

    I think Bethy would be the one to talk to about this Nags to Riches :)

    i too would like to learn how to make my emo bitches look nicer :) make up etc etc
  8. kimbo

    kimbo Well-known Member

    is there anything higher on the body score scale than a 5?? I'm sure one of my horses would be about an 8. Seriously she is soooo fat it's criminal. She's not on any feed, just grass, the other horses in with her are a pretty good weight probably 3/4 and have no work.

    I think you'd be flat out ever finding her ribs. I wish I could find a photo of her, but you really need to see it in real life, she doesn't even have an indent on her flank, it's just flat along the side of her body.

    Obviously I know this is not the best for her but I can't lock her up at night, she's 50km away from me. When we move to the farm next year she will have a stall with hay at night to lose a bit of weight.
  9. Merlin

    Merlin Well-known Member

    I belive also as I have been in the game some 20 plus years, it is how much money you throw at it aswell. It has never been as bad as it is now, maybe the boom in WA is to blame somewhat. You really need to walk around the carpark at a national qualifier you would be hard pressed to see an "old car and float" on the grounds!!!!!! What people will pay for a national winning horse:eek: And the gear!!!! OMG it really is an EXPENSIVE HOBBY and is spiralling out of control. I think that is why so many people just give up to be honest unless you have a healthy money tree in the garden to "keep up with the Jones" you really are pushing S%^T uphill :(
  10. brumby_78

    brumby_78 Guest

    hahahaha so funny merlin, at wanneroo Ag, i was directed by the car float person to park up next to these hackies and OMG they had a fit and told the car park lady to move me as my crap horses will hurt her $30k show pony... yes i have a crap old car and borrowed my mates float (its a great float just not as good as the newbie they had) so i put both my horses on the same side so my emo bitches wouldn't hurt the lil pony...

    and yeah this is the reason why im soooooo glad my daughter isn't a hackie she hates the BS that goes with it and she is only 12
  11. IPPH

    IPPH New Member

    Hmmmmm ... cancel that .... if SJer can no longer SJ ... he will retire ... hacking sounds WAY too high maintenance and bitchy for me :}:eek:

    Wouldn't mind a money tree though ;)
  12. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    So very true! Both my partner and I are on very good money and even I feel like a broke battler against these people :p I will give my best shot to do the best I can with what I have and will always put my horses health and well being first. I will be happy if my horses look the part, work their best and we come home with the best results we can achieve due to that hard work. THIS is what showing horses should to be about.

    With judging, I would love to some day judge official. For now I enjoy judging unofficial and breed shows and attending the judges seminars, I love encouraging riders and helping them to grow and learn and enjoy their day. I won't have the time to judge official in the coming years as I will soon have 2 horses competing in hacking myself and a 3rd one up and coming for dressage but will continue to judge at what I can, when I can.
  13. Raw Prawn

    Raw Prawn Well-known Member

    Very true.....hence why even though I enjoy hacking and have no intention to stop competing, I dont take myself too seriously with it. My horse is never going to be a royal/hoy/gn winner and Im not prepared to spend 30K++ just to buy a horse to win those events.

    We will be quite happy plodding around at local hack days and put most of our efforts into pony dressage **)**) You never know - one day we might get lucky.....but it doesnt really matter if we dont :)*
  14. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    If you find a money tree and there is an extra one can you send me the directions please **)

    As for the bitchiness of hacking - I have actually found it to be less bitchy than dressage ;) But I also tend to ignore the people who "think" they are elite and gravitate to those who are there for the same reason as me - to have a good time with their pony while hopefully winning a pretty sash :)*
  15. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member

    Cant say I've found too much bitchiness in dressage - only from a couple of ppl... but i just stay away from them and enjoy :)
  16. Babe

    Babe Well-known Member

    And being a competitor in Gero I would like to thank you Cav for coming up here to judge:) It is HARD to get judges to come here, and we try and treat our judges lke royalty. I hacked a couple of times last year and not sure if you were one of the judges, (Im usually a dressager) but all the judges that i competed under were lovely and fabulous in their comments and attitude.

    Cant say we have the same bitchiness here as in Perth...Ive competed in Perth a few times in dressage, it seems people keep to themselves more and dont like to offer advice or help, which as a country competitior it is nice to see a friendly face at a comp, after driving 5 hours to get there;)
  17. Serenity

    Serenity Well-known Member

    I came up and judged in Geraldton this year, and boy was I treated like Royalty, I had the best time and all I can say that I have never ever in my judging career (which has been many many years) been treated so well as I was in Geraldton!! Thanks so much :)* and I would be definately happy to go back again:)
  18. Serenity

    Serenity Well-known Member

    I am starting to wonder myself now Cav.......all you say is VERY true from a judges point of view. Sometimes I have even had to ask for a drink of water, even though I have been standing out in the hot sun for hours judging....:(
  19. Babe

    Babe Well-known Member

    Totally awesome!!**) Now Im wondering if I was at that hack day:p;)
  20. Anna E

    Anna E Guest

    We use 1 to 5 here but personally I don't like it. In the states they use 1 to 10 which is much better. Soon as you start with 1 to 5 people start chucking in half scores.
    I see a lot of horses where they are too "plump" to be a 3, but a 4 sounds too rude as that is officially classified as "fat". They are a 3 1/2.
    Hmm.. we had a vet who worked with us go over to the SYdney Olympics as a volunteer in the vet hospital... was a bit of an eye opener apparently how many joints were being injected on a weekly basis to keep the horses sound... Clipped all over so no need to clip the area to be injected, and intra-articular cortisone apparently doesn't swab...

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