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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Golden Biscuit, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. Golden Biscuit

    Golden Biscuit Well-known Member

    Bickie has totalled his canvas and the weather forcast for Tomorrows gonna be 19 max and min of 11 sooo.... do i leave him naked or put his warm winter rug on? He's got his full summer coat now and ive noticed hes started getting his beard back NOOOOO!! lol, any advice what would u do, as were waitin on new rugs to arrive!! HELP! @)
  2. Andhi

    Andhi Gold Member

    I wouldn't put on a warm winter rug unless you can change it quickly. Jazz will just have her cotton on, and she is in full summer coat as well
  3. Golden Biscuit

    Golden Biscuit Well-known Member

    Yeh was thinkin bout doin that but showers are forecast too so dont know if i wanna risk goin out in the middle of the night to take a soggy cotton of lol *#) grr wheres my canvas wen i need it lol
  4. Andhi

    Andhi Gold Member

    If its just showers, honestly I think he will be fine.
    I was pleasantly surprised last week when one day we had rain, and all Jazz had on was her cotton and she wasn't wet underneath at all.
  5. Golden Biscuit

    Golden Biscuit Well-known Member

    oh wow thanks for that :)*
  6. Roe

    Roe Banned

    He is a horse, let him be a horse. I vote no rugs he will cope fine.
  7. Golden Biscuit

    Golden Biscuit Well-known Member

    Yeh he has been nude for the last month or so its been warm but we have 2 big weekends of showing coming up!! lol, thanks for all ur advice**)
  8. jodles

    jodles Well-known Member

    Mine is naked at the moment and loving being feral and dirty though a lot more work for me!!!
  9. Caroline

    Caroline Well-known Member

    No rugging is warranted. He is a horse in good healthy nick!
  10. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    "Beards" and "whiskas" are not controlled by rugging. I am afraid you just have to keep clipping/trimming as they will always grow back, as will "feathers":(

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