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  1. shann198

    shann198 New Member

    Can someone please tellme some good things to do with a very sensitive horse please,he is fine to ride, but on the ground he is reactive instead of responsive. So any thoughts please. TIA ';'
  2. serendipity

    serendipity Well-known Member

    Lots and lots of ground work. Desensitisation stuff but also basic ground manners like hind and forequarter yields, backing up, circling. Flicking ropes all over his body, legs etc.same with a whip and cracking it near him. Play with tarps on him, walking.over them, cut them into sjreds hand them between poles and walk through them.

    Get on you tube and check out warwick schillers videos, they have helped me immensely
  3. old_mate

    old_mate Well-known Member

    It is great that your horse feels safe with you on his back riding him. He just has to learn that he is safe with you on the ground as well.
    I spend a lot of time leading my horses around, past scary stuff so that they learn they can trust me, if I am not worried then they are not worried.
    My old horse would take her reactions from me. To the point she would see something scary tense-look at me or check me if I was riding and if I was relaxed she would relax.
  4. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    I second checking out Warwicks videos, he's got some really good stuff there. I'm yet to take out a subscription to his more in depth training videos but I'm sure they're awesome as well.
  5. RVP Horses

    RVP Horses Well-known Member

    If he's good when you are riding him but not on the ground then it means he is confident with you as the leader on his back, that you won't lead him into trouble but I would suggest you are inconsistent and not as specific and forceful as to what you expect when on the ground. Be specific, consistent and ensure there are clear consequences with everything you do on the ground, which includes everytime you go near your horse not just when you are "training" it. Lift your expectations and he will be happier that you are a strong leader he can look to for guidance. All the basic ground work excercises like HQ, FQ, back up, circle work etc will help set his boundaries and let him know your expectations. You should find he becomes a different horse in just one training session if you are doing it right then it is just a case of building on that. Good luck.
  6. shann198

    shann198 New Member

    thank you to all who gave me ideas, i will try and put theminto practice:))
  7. Caroline

    Caroline Well-known Member

    Take him to an agility horse clinic!! Brilliant for desensitising horses!!**)

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