Decimation of Australia's Heritage Brumbies

Discussion in 'Open Discussions' started by Deejay, Sep 9, 2010.

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  1. Excelsior Centerpiece

    Excelsior Centerpiece Well-known Member


    Not the heritage rabbits!!!!!
  2. Janet Winter

    Janet Winter Guest

    Did you know that rabbits can survive in the most arid areas because they drink their own urine. Did you also know they aren't a native to England either.

    Quote sorry girls not one of you has one sensible thing to say you arent horse women you are old biddies who have lost heart for life are you all sitting beside each other i hope so because im sure you will need to help each other to the toilet >> oh of course that is if you forgot your depend Quote

    I would love to take you bush young lady you may understand why we need to control certain pests, perhaps when its 58 deg now you may need a depend yourself what ever it is.

    I got to say I was shocked and disgusted at hoofs2010 inc if you wish to get support you sure went the wrong way about it. Even when you disagree it is good to talk in an mature way and that is how we learn from each other who have different views.
  3. support or no support

    Thanx ladies!! for your opinions when people make jokes about something thats is held dear to others then of course people get defensive i can highlight many smart comments from the ladies on this forum that were no way professional or objective to the topic.. i say what i think openly i do not pretend to be higher or mightier and i have made valid points to which all your grouop can do is repeat itself with idiotic statements about rabbits and peeing yourself mars bars lol and bi@t@h comment.. so dont throw stones if you live in glass houses. to not support me or the group is not mandatory. you have a free choice to free speech and free preference but then that doesnt give you the right to joke at others concerns..
    And to have support from people who obviously dont know any better is of no benefit to our horses or the environment..
    so you do as you need to to be happy and i will do mine.
    regards Lyn sutton:}
  4. Again n Again

    Again n Again Active Member

    you are joking, yeah???
    if i remember rightly, you were the one calling the others old witches who need help going to the toilet just because they have strong points against your cause and were voicing them!!!!

    btw....EVP can i please have a pollywaffle too???:))
  5. my comments were in response to the stupid comment s posted by your party they were the ones peeing theselves and calling Biach so please dont go all fuzzy i respond accordingly and for anyperson reading they will see just that
    .. i think you should go and have a polly waffle you all need one
  6. oldnag

    oldnag Active Member

    Polly waffles, witches, bladder leakage, this thread is so bloody funny never need to watch an episode of Bold and the Beautiful again*#)
  7. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    Hoofs - surely you can't expect to have people take you seriously and support your cause when you post things like this *#)
    What a juvenile and inappropriate comment. I doubt the members of your organisation will be pleased to know they're being represented by an immature twit :}

    This topic has been done to death and it's now going around in endless circles. I've stayed out of this thread till now because it's plainly obvious that the same people remain firmly on their same sides of the fence.
    For the good of the country I live in, I have to say I'm ever so glad that not everybody is blinded by emotion. Time to take off the rose coloured glasses ;)
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  8. Sharaway

    Sharaway Guest

    The joking is comic relief to what is not an easy topic, with not one single person on this forum liking the fact that these horses have to culled let alone shot, trapped, brumby run, salt trapped.

    But suggesting that every single horse currently running wild deserves heritage protection will be viewed by many as unrealistic at best and sheer lunicy at worst.

    I am seriously considering a new thread.

    Brumby/wild horse/waler action groups....action or all talk pita

    Then proceed to analyze every single groups web pages for what they have and have not done to effect real change for their cause.

    One thing this thread has done is make me very thankful that I am not a politician if these posts from these people who want to proport themselves to be serious and sensible loby groups are anything to go by.

    Most of the submissions would not be worth the tree that died to make the paper.
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  9. i agree with you completely it is done to death as every single comment i made after several smart comments has you all running to point the finger at hoofs of what would everyone say if they knew they were being led by idiots.. if that makes you feel good then so be it.. i thought this was open discussion you can give smart statements but cant accept them back.. I am Not an immature twit i am over 50 nor do my words come from a panel of people they are mine i have identified myself quite openly when you were so ready to point the finger at young stephanie..
    if thats all the thread has come to is denegration of our group rather than constructive critisism then you are absolutely right it is a waste to go any further
    cheers Lynne
  10. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Are you kidding. You are one of the rudest newbies I've seen in a while.....
    While-ever you are carrying on like you do you will win a few hearts in Parliament thats for sure....:}

    You obviously have no real proof of your "cause" and rely on your emotions to get you over the line. Newsflash: The line keeps moving.*#)

    Lynn for gods sake there was plenty of constructive just didn't like it.
    Honestly its "groups" like yours that do any protest movement a severe injustice.

    No wonder your "group" has trouble canvassing members or support.
    You sound like a bunch of nitwits.

    Try posting your drivel over on Cyberhorse........I'm sure you'll get a good response from there - NOT!
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2010
  11. Sharaway

    Sharaway Guest

    So the organization who's name you are using to slag of on this forum is led buy idiots?

    Clearly followed by them to.

    Gold pure gold

    Waiter polly waffle please
  12. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    I need something stronger to wash down my Polly Waffle.........never read such complete and utter garbage - o wait yes I have.....lolol :}
  13. Sharaway

    Sharaway Guest

    Yes we have, most locked and deleted now lol

    Ahh the bad old days lol
  14. Siren

    Siren Well-known Member

    Goodluck in your quest to save the brumbies. Your doing an amazing job! :}
  15. You certainly don't sound your age*#)*#)*#)*#)
  16. info on archie

    info on archie Well-known Member

    You can still sound like an immature twit, regardless of your age. Some people never change.. :}
  17. Are you serious Evp your group has done nothing but banter every post . we want management alternatives rather than chasing horse and shooting 8 or more bullets into heavily pregnant mares and foals being left to starve to death. Animals wandering for days injured. our plea for heritage is to stop cruel aerial culling is it so normal to put heritage on a building but not on a living thing.. as far as not Native our whole race of Australians other than the indigenous people are not Native we too are brought here by the British.. but it is very obvious that any knowledge of the true cause is wasted as you paint an airy fairy idea and dont want to acknowledge that there are other ways to deal with our wild horses without the need for cruel aerial culling
    cheers Lynne
  18. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Was this supposed to read like this?

    Maybe you meant to say "I'm over 50, not an immature twit"?


    But I guess twits can be over 50......I'm just shy of 50 and have been known to be a twit sometimes.....
  19. Sharaway

    Sharaway Guest

    Mate are you effin blind?

    Other ways?

    Several have been suggested, happy to walk in on foot, ride in on horseback or parachute in to shoot the bloody things.

    What you are not understanding that shooting them in some locations and situations is the ONLY humane, cost effective and sensible option.

    Bashing head somemore
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  20. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    What other ways to cull feral horses are there Lynn?

    And feral horses are NOT a symbol of our heritage. They are an introduced species.

    Your "heritage" argument is ridiculous. There is not one shred of "heritage" in any of your arguements for protecting feral horses. FULLSTOP.

    Here's 2 Polly Waffles Shar.
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