De-sensitising horses

Discussion in 'Training Horses' started by taylor, Apr 25, 2011.

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    I think you answered very well for me EVP and Anna E. Anything else said would be pointless.
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    Why O why can't people keep it general. You post it - people comment - you don't like their replies - bad luck. For some people indignation rules.... to the point of being irrational!
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    Yep post it especially videos or photos you will get comments. Anything less than ego stroking makes that human come out boxing... I am right, I am right, am ,am ,am.*#) my ego and pride is so damn fragile please stroke it!!;)
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    One thing that I have done with my baby is I use a heavy, soft, extremely long rope attached to his halter. I swing the rope around him, pass it over him, move it around on the ground, tangle it all over him and through his legs, all the while, putting pressure on then releasing when he stops struggling/resisting. He has learnt very quickly to "think" about what he is doing and not panic when tangled. I have seen him get his heel caught in some wire that was laying on the ground when I was leading him (damn wire just springs up out of nowhere sometimes!) he felt the wire on his heel, tried to move his leg up but couldn't, then stopped (after I said "woah") he then looked down and calmly removed his foot. I like to think that he has learnt to be a bit more sensible and to think independently from all this.
    BTW: Sorry if someone has already posted something similar but there's a lot of posts on here lol!
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    When I use the "tarp" with my youngster, it is to simply ask him to trust me in anything I ask of him and to see that strange and new things aren't such a big deal when I'm there. He does look to me for leadership, I put the tarp over him, he calmly follows me around the round-yard. Tarp slips off, he continues following, secure in my company, not concerned about "the tarp". I ask him to walk onto the tarp with me and he gladly follows without hesitation. This was all within the first 2 weeks of owning him. I started out with different random objects in this manner with the original idea of "sacking out", a general term like "de-sensitizing", but it has morphed into trust exercises rather than "de-sensitizing" as I have progressed with his training. A big issue he had in the first 2 days of owning him was the "handbrake". He lacked trust in me, so would automatically put on the "handbrake" when he didn't like a situation. I worked on his trust just by extensive handling on the lead and in the round yard and within the week I had him following me anywhere, even into the small, dark tack room! I don't believe in de-sensitizing, simply trust and leadership :)
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    I used to lead Koda around the sheds, into the sheds, through smallish spaces, over logs, over ditches... Basically to get him to see that while I'm around nothing will hurt him. None of it was dangerous (actually it might've been if he rushed forward & squished me...but he didn't) so I knew that it wouldn't hurt him. He just had to learn it :)

    He's a pretty inquisitive he enjoyed it :)
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    That's what I do with my boy, and that's exactly what I was trying to get at, that nothing will hurt him while I'm there and he will learn to go wherever I ask him. He's also very inquisitive and loves interaction so that makes him a lot easier to work with. Is yours a QH or QH X by any chance? :)

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