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Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by wattle6180, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    Awesome photo of Kit SnM! Are they on your website for purchase?
  2. Gaia

    Gaia Gold Member

    Champ and reserve are both Stockies ;) so don't want to spoil in case they want to tell themselves. :D
  3. Smiley n Me

    Smiley n Me Gold Member

    Hey B - I will email you the pic of Kit, I didnt take many so wasnt going to sell them. Will send to you for free ;)

    oh cool Gaia - cant wait to hear results!
  4. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    Thanks SnM! Very much appreciated :D
  5. kismet

    kismet Active Member

    Had a huge day today with all ponies doing us proud:) Kismet Park Indulgence reserve champion Riding Pony Gelding and 2nd Part Welsh Gelding, San-Del Popstar champion Welsh A stallion, San-del Pinup 1st Welsh A Mare, Wendamer Fleur De Lis Reserve Champion Welsh A Mare, and the legendary Beelo-Bi Ocker, Supreme Aust Pony and Supreme Pony Hunter then in the ridden PJ and Ocker won all their ridden classes, Champion Ridden Pony Hunter and Reserve Ridden Pony:))

    Well done to the organisers and judges on another great day, all be it a very long day left home at 4am and got home at 7.45pm, I think the poor ponies will be sleeping all day today:)
  6. piggy88

    piggy88 New Member

    Well i was very pleased with my boy yesterday after almost year off and being in a paddock and only a few rides before he was so well behaved for me! Now to just get him back to his former glory state before he went to the paddock !!! :) and to recruit some one willing to show him and work him while im prega's !

    Our results were, 1st place ridden S/Bred Gelding and Reserve Champ ridden S/Bred, sooo very proud of him !!!:D
  7. magic_kiss

    magic_kiss Active Member

    haha thats better then last time =]]
  8. Ren

    Ren Well-known Member

    i went an had a looksie and agree numbers were quite disappointing but what was there that i saw i could of taken a few home hehehehe :) but was somehow miffed that during the SOS that pencillors were allowed to go into ring with judges and talk and walk around with them??? and that Top 5 got called in but wasnt given a ribbon but oh well ive been out of the ring for awile so looks like things have changed during my time away lol
  9. Freestyle

    Freestyle Well-known Member

    Ren, often people who are pencilling are after experience to become judges themselves. You can often ask the judge if it is ok to talk to them about what they are looking for etc (many will say yes and offer to share their great knowledge on many breeds). Obviously, it usually happens between classes, or at lunch rather than during an event. I think its great to have the opportunity to learn off all kinds of experienced people!
  10. Ren

    Ren Well-known Member

    Bec, i totally agree its good to get a judges opinion etc and learn if the judge is obliging :) but during the SOS i didnt think was appropriate thats all :)
  11. beaudacious

    beaudacious Well-known Member

    does anyone know who the judge was for ring two? cant for the life of me remember :confused:
  12. piggy88

    piggy88 New Member

    It was leisa Carlson i think it is ??? not 100% sorry';'
  13. Sam & Max

    Sam & Max Well-known Member

    Wasnt Neryl judging in ring 2 too :)
  14. Lakota

    Lakota Well-known Member

    Was lovely to meet you and your gorgeous ponies kismet - wasn't aware you were a stockie!! My Mum and I spoke to you at the fence and loved San-Del Popstar, what a little dude! You have lovely ponies that were very well turned out. Well done :)

    Here are a few pictures of my beautiful man:


    And so cute - getting tired at the end of the day - he is such a wild thoroughbred! ;)

  15. beaudacious

    beaudacious Well-known Member

    think liesa was in ring 5 :confused:

    ring two (led buckskins) was supposed to have mike donovan according to the program. i did ask the judge and i think she said her name was debbie?? (was loud so couldnt hear very well) but when i asked at the signup table they gave me a completely different name ';'
  16. cobbie

    cobbie Gold Member

    I think from memory it was Debbie Tucker, I could be wrong though just what I think I remember hearing over the PA

    2 of the judges changed on the morning :)
  17. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Ren the pencillers may have been asking the judges how they would like to do things and getting the info on the horses they wanted pulled out for Top 5 ;)
  18. supersezabell

    supersezabell Well-known Member

    Erm... who would I contact in regards to finding out if I left my boys rego certs there? -_- lol. OH cant remember if he DID bring them back from the office after doing my entries and we cant find them anywhere Doh!.
  19. cobbie

    cobbie Gold Member

    He had them in his hand when he picked the stuff up from me, not sure if he was on his way to or from the office though :)
  20. OBHH

    OBHH Well-known Member

    she was my top gun steward on ring 5.:)

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