Dangerous Trees!!

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by supersezabell, May 28, 2004.

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    Where i agist my horse and 3 others get to roam the property because they are all friendly and get along, but my dads horse is evil and kicked mine first day together so shes in her own paddock!! But anyway i decided i was going to ride her so i went over to collect her from her yard where she had been put away.
    Her forelock was spread over her face as usual so i went to put it back nicely down the middle of her face when she pulled back and i thought i saw something. Thinking thats not right because she always lets me touch her face i go in and put her halter on. Right in the middle of her forehead in her whorl was a cut with the skin missing down to her bone, luckily it was only 1cm squared in diamter.
    Me getting worried lead her over to the lady who owns the place and we spray cetrigen onto her head and the lady had no idea how she got it because off the trees were cut so the branches couldnt have hurt her. Luckily she was fine, no infection n her fur is growing back!, but we searched high and low and on one tree there was a branch poking out 1-2cms off the tree and it skinnier than a pinky with grey hair on it!! We cut down that tree and im so grateful because i was told the place where her cut was is were they shoot them to put them down.

    That weekend we went around and chopped just about every tree just incase!
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    Im sorry that your horse had an injury.

    Trees do offer a good source of protection and shelter from wind, sun, and light rain. Taking down the trees so quickly might have been a bit drastic unless they were harmful to horses, or good-tree-branch-droppers.
    The basic requirements a horse must have for a paddock is:
    water, shelter (including trees), and some pasture.
    Without the trees, do the horses have alternative shelter? If not, it might be worth looking into replanting other types of trees which are better suited to horses.


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