Dangerous P plate drivers

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by caitie, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. wildsteel

    wildsteel Well-known Member

    its not just p platers!!

    theres random people everywhere that honk at us as we ride down the road thinking its funny or that its ok to do so we need to make them aware
  2. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member

    my wonderful anti-horsey mother passed me coming back from the arena one day on the lucy... she honked at me of course, nice one mum. lol. lucky lucy is pretty cool about everything although she did have a bit of a startle.
  3. Jumping Bean

    Jumping Bean Well-known Member

    Yep - the worst drivers in my area are not p platers!! Yesterday I had a p plater slow down for my nutty tb, and I gave him a wave and thanked him. So many riders I know don't do that, it is so important to let drivers know that you appreciate their consideration! Bit off topic, but important nonetheless. :) It is often men in their work cars who sexually harass me on horseback (they get some unceremonial home truths back, don't you worry) and all sorts of bikes, cars, trucks who will honk, do burnouts, whatever they can to upset your beast. It is dangerous, and if you can avoid riding in those areas, then do so!! Otherwise, desensitising the horse over time is the best option, and you can to a point, my young tb is great on the road now, and it takes quite alot to really upset her - except for those killer shadow monsters *#) ;)
  4. Laury

    Laury New Member

    Hey I could go on for hours about idiot drivers - after all they keep me employed! The suggestion a few pages back about using a phone to 'take their photo' is a good one - most of these idiots are camera shy.

    The CRITICAL thing is that in any car v horse prang the horse and rider WILL LOSE. Ensure your own safety first and foremost.

    Getting the horses to bend their necks and respond well to one rein stops could well be a life saver - see if you can get your hands on a Steve Brady CD or book. Bending the neck is a fantastic tool to say to your horse 'Listen to me-pay attention" and if they are listening to you they are not panicking about the temporary australian in the car!

    PS you know your horse is traffic proof when you ride in Esperance during harvest season...................
  5. dustyandbucky

    dustyandbucky Active Member

    i remember a few years back, i was in the car with my dad we were driving down in wattle grove. A car in front of us was speeding and up ahead there was a lady with 2 horses. we were in a camaro and the engine is really loud so we slowed right down to a crawl pretty much and waited till the horses were calm and past our turn off. The idiots in front sped up and one of the horses reared up.
  6. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    Some people..p platers to 80 year olds are just total tossers...driving out along mattheison street after the races a couple of weeks ago where it is CLEARLY signposted SLOW DOWN HORSE AREA at every road leading into mattheison you see car after car flying along at 80ks (its a 40km hour zone) where you have trainers and strappers walking horses home from the races and you see knobheads tooting or hanging out the window screaming and waving their arms at the pretty horses......I am still proud of the chestnut who turned his bum and double barrelled a WRX waiting at the corner of epsom to turn...good on ya horsey, he too must have thought.....right, im sick of these idiots so YOUR copping it.
  7. feather feet

    feather feet Well-known Member

    horses actually have right of way by law(in QLD),the way i get idiots to slow down is move into the middle of road when i hear them coming,that stops them,of course i get abused,but they do too,every day i went out i would get a mouthfull,without fail,and i was on the verge too,i had to ride along the M1 with B doubles roaring past just to get to bush,so my girl dosent batter an eyelid when hoons fly past;)
  8. Cheeki

    Cheeki Gold Member

    Feathered Feet .. horses may have the right of way, but doesn't mean the drivers care ;) lol .. Unfortunately we've had a few near misses too .. hoons .. But now we are in an area that's close to a school .. so they HAVE To be slow ..

    I noticed that's something they don't have in a drivers test, or nor was I taught about driving around horses when I was learning (over a year ago) .. I think I saw something about going slow near a horse in the book at the very back .. but I was never told in lessons or asked in the test .. So some people (thick as they get) might just not know .. even though it's pretty obvious ;)
  9. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Just remember this thread is titled "Dangerous P-Platers" targeting only that catagory. Alot of people think your shooting all P-platers but they need to read the title correctly.

    The safest thing to do is just get out their way and let them go. You may want to have your say but you never know who may get out their car and come after you or do something else to harm you. So just move out the way and quietly take down their number plate or get a photo and report it. Never deal with it yourself and put yourself and your horse at risk.
  10. Lasix

    Lasix New Member

    On the up side I have only ever had good experiences with drivers - even in non-horsey areas when I've been out everyone has slowed down and been very considerate.
  11. caitie

    caitie Well-known Member

    sorry but i wote this post almost 8 months ago,
    the title was not really aiming it a p plate drivers (i will be one very soon:) ) but really pointing out that it was, i wasnt saying all are bad drivers but there are some guys out there that are very dangerous,
    sorry if the title of the thread offended anyone as it was never aimed to do so.
  12. Bushmanwatts

    Bushmanwatts Well-known Member

    :( So sorry to hear that! but such is life...

    No actually it get up my goat as well that drivers have no respect for the horse riders on the the road. P- Plater or not.There is a 40k/hr law for driver coming up to or around horses, a cop told me years ago but the issue is to prove it. And you me who ever ride on the road there is no law starting that we ar not allowed on the road it's still the same as pioneer days just with cars and less horses around on the roads.

    To slow people down I (depends on the road and where I am) walk and slowly in the middle of the road same rules as cars give way to the right. I don't do this for trucks and only do this if the roads is posted around 60k/hr..
    I do prepare the horse to the traffic such trucks and road racer motor bikes as they tend to not like the high wind.
    I have heard of drivers throwing things at riders and reving engines, just try and get the horse used to those noises. It helps me that I am in the country but face the same as you there are only roads to ride on, and the weekens i can get to ride are busy roads and well I just always go out with someone or choose carefully which horse I ride that day as they are adapted to different situations. I tell someone my finish time and what path I will be taking sounds strange don't it.

    Remember it only hurts till the pain goes away!
  13. PPH

    PPH Guest

    I was most annoyed yesteday, and I was towing my horse in the float. I was driving on one of the narrow roads around Serpy and saw a car coming other direction. As I had the sigle I came vertually to a halt before dropping the tyres off onto the gravel as the lip of the road was quite large.

    What do they do, well they dropped their tyre off but didn't slow down and subsequently showered both my car and the horse float with stones.

    What makes it even more annoying is that they too were pulling a horsefloat and should know better!!!

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