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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by Belinda, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. Belinda

    Belinda Well-known Member

    This is one of my all time pet peeves. It makes me foam at the mouth. It drives me nuts when I am out riding on the road and cars going past don't slow down or go wide. To me it is common sense, whether you are a horse person or not, to give a horse and rider on a road a fairly wide berth in order to avoid accidents that could harm horse, rider, driver or passengers! Luckily all my horses have been quiet and have no problem with traffic, but how do the drivers know that? For all they know I could be on a very nervous animal, in fact, I think that every driver should assume that for safetys sake. I have even had people, generally young guys, deliberately come up close behind and toot their horn. It makes me so angry. What if my horse threw me off into the path of their car? I wonder if they'd find it so funny then. In general, I just think that too many drivers display ignorance and a lack of common sense.

  2. Goldpally

    Goldpally Active Member

    I agree with you and just thought I may add that whilst driving today I saw some "dangerous riders" . 3 of them , no helmets and they were deliberately riding all over and on the wrong side of the road , directly into the oncoming traffic so that cars were forced to stop and then veer around them . I assume there would be no good reason for this as all the horses seemed quiet enough to be ridden on a verge . Some people do not consider their own personal safety .
  3. Nikiwink

    Nikiwink Well-known Member

    Im pretty sure this has been asked before but which side of the road way should (and does) every one ride when on roads.

    i know personally i would rather be on the side facing the oncoming traffic - which i think is the wrong one

    Mind you i doubt the drivers know anyway!?!?!

    :) Nikiwink :)
  4. crave

    crave Well-known Member

    I agree with you Nikiwink but I also dont really know which is the right side although I thought it was the same as bike riders. Just on the subject of "drivers that should know better" we all asume that everyone knows horses and animals but as my 12 year old daughter commented today , her girlfriend and mother didnt even know what a float was. Maybe we expect too much of the "normal" person..........

  5. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    This is a common hot topic we have here at Stockyard and no-one runs out of comments!...

    I slow down and if safe move over to the other side of the road, wave...and smile. If I'm riding I steady my horse to a walk and if need be halt and face the traffic...I too have had some jerks try all saughts of things to scare my horse but insted of screaming at them I ride out in the middle of the road (if safe) so they can see in their rear-vision mirror that it didn't do anything!...

  6. Belinda

    Belinda Well-known Member

    Yes, I agree that there are often dangerous riders out there as well. I guess that riders also have to be responsible enough to ensure that their horses are safe in traffic and not liable to cause accidents under normal circumstances.

    On the issue of what side of the road to ride on, I usually ride on the left hand side, not sure why really, just feels safer for me.

  7. Val Perkins

    Val Perkins New Member

    Once you are on the road, you are considered a vehicle, so you must obey the traffic rules - so you ride the same way the vehicles are travelling. You basically ride your horse like riding a bike - so helmets, refelective jackets are a must. You can also be fined by traffic police if you don't abide by the rules.
    In Melbourne, a horse drawn carriage driver was fined $500 for using his mobile phone whilst driving his team of horses....hows that !!!

    For your own safety you should ride along the side of the road and not actually on the road, you never get off your horse - only in extreme cases as the chances of it taking off are very high, you have more chance of controlling a horse whilst your in the saddle than trying to lead it.

    There is a lot of dick head drivers out there that either 'don't care' or 'don't understand' commensense to be used with livestock on roads........ my sister's boyfriend was killed from a speeding car when he was moving dairy cattle across the road - he had 'cattle crossing signs' and flashing lights but the driver still didn't slow down until he hit 2 cows then Darren.

    As each state is different to road rules, I would probably contact the traffic authority to see whether there is any booklets availabe to read for road rules in relation to 'livestock' or 'horseriding'.
  8. sil

    sil Gold Member

    Agreeing with Val here and as far as the law goes, you are a bicycle!! lol

    For your own safety please DO spend the $30 and get a bright reflective vest.

    I have one made that has a big red 20 in a circle (like the road speed signs) and CAUTION under it. I also have bike red lights for my legs that flash, reflective tape for my saddle and towards evenings I have an endurance light, and horse boots with reflective tape all over them.

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  9. Taryn

    Taryn Well-known Member

    Hey Sil, I'd love to see you all covering in your reflective gear, you'd look like a christmas tree no offence though hehe
    but back to the topic, I do wear light coloured clothing when riding anytime of the day and also a vest and ankle reflectors for night rides. I also ride on the left side of the road. I have had ppl in the past ask me what a float is as well they don't understand! I have even changed the word to horse trailer (maybe that were just dense ppl) and they still don't get it lol
    Just one more point I'd like to add is that when it comes to the occasional drivers slowing down when passing me riding my stallion, he gets upset, and stares at the car LMAO I'm sure he's wondering what the hells travelling slow next to him lol I guess he's use to the cars and trucks that hoon pass ever other time.

    P.S for those of you wanting a reflective vest, I got mine at Nagmart for $10 it's yellow/green with reflective tape and it says on one side Caution Horse and Rider Cheers

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  10. Kateena

    Kateena Active Member

    Just thought I'd mention that you can also be charged with drink driving if riding a horse under the influence of alcohol. A horse is considered a means of transport and all car laws apply. I'm pretty sure that you are supposed to ride in the same direction as the traffic flow, but I personally would prefer to ride the other way - at least my horse can see what is approaching her and any trucks and or scary things she can have a good look at. When riding the same way, I generally have an eye over my shoulder, so I can see anyhting scary approaching and turn my horse and steady her, so that she can see it approach and not be alarmed. I do this even if it is my dad coming up behind me on the farm - he sometimes expects a bit too much from my horses tolerance. She hates getting too close to the ute, but doesn't mind when I let her watch it go past - figures good excuse to go faster.... chase the ute!!

    Unfortunately, when riding on the road, you must be prepared for every car to be driven by a complete no hoper who doesn't know how to tie their shoelaces.. It is safer in the long run.
  11. Rohim

    Rohim New Member

    Where i ride is some sections we have no choice but to take to the road, normal we're ok as most people that drive on those roads are horse people or have seen us b4. Othertimes we have to put up with drivers that speed past us beep their horn and do chirpes too, all of which stir my boy up. At time i have to ride in the middle of the lane so people can see me, we also point the drivers to go around, which works some of the time. Most drives do this for us.

    On the road rules note, if the area is sign posted with the little horse signs then horses have the right of way.


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  12. Becky

    Becky New Member

    I like to take the pony ( with Becky riding) out for a walk occasionally, I say occasionally because we have to walk on the side of the road and we have those BIG spoon drains here and Puzzle thinks that they are going to open up and eat him (they are even more scary than the big green bins!!!!) we try to ride/walk as close to the edge of the road as possible but even so we still ger some idiot who has to go past at 100ks an hour or some d******** on a motorbike who likes to come up close, Puzzle handles this well so does Becky but I don't I can see all the horrible things that could happen, I mean it is my daughter and the pony who would be injured.
    I know that there will come a time when they are going to ride out without me with them but until that day I owe them both to teach them what is going on out there and to be prepared for anything.

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  13. Nikiwink

    Nikiwink Well-known Member

    Sil - i love the idea of the 20 on the reflective vest. It might encourage at leaast a few drivers to slow down.


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