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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Bethy, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    Hi all,
    Following on from Mad Cow's thread in open discussions I thought I'd put up a few pics of Honda as I would really like some honest opinions of his conformation. I know very little about a horses conformation, other than looking at a horse and knowing that I either do or don't like it.

    I am completely open to hearing all opinions and won't get at all upset if people point out his faults... thats exactly what I want to hear.

    These pics are a little old but they're the only decent side on ones I can find. The first was taken at the All Stars show earlier this year and the 2nd was taken at a Darling Range show over a year ago. He has since muscled out a bit more but that doesn't really change his confirmation.

    If it helps he is currently 5 years old, is an anglo gelding and he's 16hh.


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  2. Oldhack77

    Oldhack77 Gold Member

    i just wanted to add my two cents worth :D man him and kk would look great in pony pairs :D :D
  3. stubborn-filly

    stubborn-filly Active Member

    From what I can tell, he has a very nice bum :p I remember seeing him at Perth, he is a lovely boy

    I'm not a huge expert on conformation other than being able to tell whether a horse is on the extreme end of having poor conformation which he obviously isn't. But in the first photo his neck looks a little short, but like I said I'm not expert.
  4. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    thanks hon. I remember thinking the same thing when you put up pics of KK a while ago!!
  5. sil

    sil Gold Member

    Overall he is a nice looking horse, good body, good barrel, well ribbed up. His neck is set on nicely, good open throatlatch and a handsome face. His hindquarters slope down a little more than I would like and the hind leg is a little straight. The gaskin looks a bit long and not so strong. He also appears a bit camped under in front which is the main thing I notice.

    Looks like he has reasonable bone, knees are a bit round. Nice strong looking pasterns.

    Nice horse :)
  6. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    Thanks SF... that first pic isn't the best for his neck, his head is turned slightly towards the camera which makes it look shorter. I think the 2nd pic is a more accurate shot of his neck. I've had a few people comment on his nice length of rein which is why I'm saying this. But in the first pic I would agree with you, it makes his neck look short. But I think he's just sucked it back in a bit (if that makes sense) making it look short.
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  7. jodles

    jodles Well-known Member

    I had a really good look..........very nice horse like the way he rises out of his wither (good for dressage)
  8. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member

    i think he's lovely! i had the pleasure of meeting him in person and hes such a gentleman! lovely boy :)
  9. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    Thanks Sil. Could you explain your comments a bit more for me please... I'm quite a nuff nuff when it comes to all this:
    Hid leg a bit straight- I think I know what you mean here... as in the part where it curves out to the hock is a bit straight... is that right?
    Gaskin: As in it needs more muscle? Is this something that I can improve in any way? Or is there a better way to stand him up so it's less noticeable?
    Camped under in front: Is this as in he looks like he's standing a bit under himself with his front legs? If so I can see what you mean. I'm not sure if thats just the way I've stood him up in the pic or not. Here's another pic of us at another show... is he still camped under himself here? I think I need to stand him up with his front legs a bit more forward and then get him to stretch up and forward, rather than just lean forward which makes him look camped under (or more camped under than he is, if he is)


    Thanks everyone for your opinions so far, I really appreciate them.
  10. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    Thanks Jodles, Heifer and Taylorc.

    Jodles... dressage is where we want to go... we do a bit of showing for fun but the dressage is my main aim.

    Can anyone tell me how being a bit straight behind effects (or is it affects... i can never get that right) them movement wise etc... ie why it's a less desirable trait?
  11. Caroline

    Caroline Well-known Member

    He looks a lovely horse!! The only thing I can pick up is that he has a somewhat pointy croup which is just conformational. You cant change that.

    He does stand slightly under in front. Does he have straight front legs, has he had shoulder or front end soreness ever, and is he shod???

    He is slightly straight thru in the hinds, but again that can be conformation, feet or slight hind/back soreness.
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  12. Gamby

    Gamby Well-known Member

    All up i think he is a very nice looking horse and he has no major faults, although i do agree with Sil that his hindquarters slope down a little more than I would like aswell. And the hind leg is a little straight but still allround a good looking horse.

    Although i add, haha and this is no serious thing but just a turnout thing but he would look far better if his tail was shorter. Do you use a falsie? cos it looks very full and imo better shorter
  13. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    Thanks Caroline. I agree with the pointy croup... with work that is now less obvious as his rump has muscled up a bit more.
    He is slightly turned out in the front leg from the knee down and no he's not shod at all. He does get a bit sore in the shoulders/neck and I get him massaged regularly to help this. I wasn't sure if he was sore because of farting about in the paddock or because of his conformation.

    Gamby... thanks for the comment on the tail.... after looking at the pics from those shows I have cut another couple of inches off his tail. the problem is that the way that he holds his tail when he's moving it needs to be a little longer than usual. Yep, there's a falsie in there too.

    I know what you mean about the hind quarters... i don't plait his tail any more as that draws attention to the sloping hindquarters/low tail set and with alot of work he has built up more muscle in his bum which then makes him look less slopey if that makes sense.

    Thanks again guys, it's really appreciated.
  14. Nikiwink

    Nikiwink Well-known Member

    Hey Bethy

    I think we need to do a swap - you can have the big bay bugga and i'll have the pretty chestnut pony :) (though i have to say he was actually good on sunday - fri he was good then spat it and i had a few comments again that he looked sore - though different spots this time :( )

    I'm no expert either but i think in relation to dressage the straighter hinds won't help his canter much - ie changes etc - the canter can get flattish??

    I also remember reading that strighter hinds make collection harder but lengthening a bit easier - though the compactness of him would suggest (to me) the reverse.

    Temp & trainability will make the difference anyway :)
  15. Caroline

    Caroline Well-known Member

    I reckon his tail looks a great length!! The horses need every inch they have to shooo these bloody flies away this summer!!!**)
  16. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    Thanks Niki.
    That might explain why he finds canter a bit harder than others. We're (Kiley and I) are really working to get more lift in his canter as it can get very flat... so you're spot on there.

    But you can keep your big bay bugger... though he is a bit of a hotty himself!
  17. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    Thanks Caroline. I have cut it a little shorter but not much. We're more dressage than showie and the dressage look is a little longer. Also with him being 50% arab he tolds his tail a little differently which requires the extra length.
  18. jodles

    jodles Well-known Member

    I always look at the movement first as some horses with straight legs can lock in the stifle but some dont ............if heifer likes him thats good enough.....i adore the way Mr Buckley looks
  19. Nikiwink

    Nikiwink Well-known Member

    The problem being trey knows he's a hotty :)

    Could be a reason his canter can be flattish - though his canter once you've revved him up a bit looks like it has nice bounce etc :) maybe more of an indicator that he find it difficult to do it for long?? That he is just not yet strong enough??
  20. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    HeyNiki, you're right there, we're slowly building up his strength in the canter and it's getting better and better but it's a slow process. The problem is actually revving him up!!! lol

    Thanks JustRosie. I'll definately keep an eye on his hock movement, thanks for the tip.

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